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How to Pick a Toilet Training Potty

Learn how to pick a toilet training potty in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Okay, let's talk about how to choose the correct potty for your child when you're ready to start potty training. You have two different options, your child can sit on a potty seat on a regular toilet or if your child is a little bit smaller then you can use the training potty. Typically I recommend starting with the training potty especially for kids that are younger, around the age of two because they're more comfortable; it's easier for them to access and to sit on for longer periods. For older kids or kids who are a little bit taller, I recommend using the potty seat, that goes right on top of the toilet so they can sit on that and feel comfortable but it makes the toilet hole a little bit smaller so they don't feel like they're going to fall in.

I also recommend if you do choose to use the potty seat on the toilet that you have your child have a step under his feet so that he feels more stable like he's not going to fall off the potty. So if you do choose to have your child sit on the regular toilet, make sure you use the toilet seat with the step and that's what you need to get started with potty training.

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