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4 Best Toilet Training Products

Learn about the four best toilet training products in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about the best potty training products. My favorite is this potty seat. This goes on top of the toilet, and I really like it because on the bottom, it has suction cups. So it will actually stick to the toilet seat without moving around and this will allow the child to feel more comfortable and more stable. If your child is not quite big enough for the potty seat, then you can consider using a training potty. This is nice because it sits on the floor and it's easy for your child to get on and off of. Also, when your child is a little bit older, the seat can lift off the training potty and sit right on the regular toilet. It's also really helpful to have a step so that your child can get himself up to the potty on his own and also rest his feet upon it while he's sitting. This will make him feel more comfortable and more stable. In addition to these great potty training products, it's also helpful to have some disinfectant wipes because potty training can be pretty messy. So those are some great potty training products to get you started on the process.

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