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Should You Use Rewards in Toilet Training?

Learn if you should use rewards to toilet train your child in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about the use of rewards during potty training. It's really important that you use rewards during potty training so that you can motivate your child to continue the new learned behavior. If you want your child to continue to potty train and be successful in the potty, then you want to use rewards. The reward is actually the key to successful potty training.

Some suggestions for rewards are stickers, bubbles, candy, sweet treats, new little toys. Whatever your child is motivated is what you want to use for a reward for potty training. You really need to think outside the box when you're thinking about rewards. There's no reward that's too big or too small to use and there really isn't anything that's inappropriate for a reward. If your child is motivated by it, then you want to use it. For example, I've potty trained many kids by giving them a spoonful of frosting or a squirt of frosting in their mouth every time they had a success in the potty. Other kids I've trained by giving them coffee or soda as a reward when they go pee in the potty. So really whatever your child is motivated by is what you want to use as a reward for potty training.

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