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When to Stop Rewarding a Child for Using the Toilet

Learn when to stop rewarding a child for using the toilet in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about when it's time to stop using the reward system for potty training. It's really important that you continue using rewards until your child is having very infrequent accidents and he's self initiating to the potty. So once you begin potty training, you will use a reward each and every time he pees in the potty. You will also give her the reward immediately every time she goes pee in the potty and you will pair that reward with behavior specific phrase, "Wow, you had peed in the potty." Once your child is consistently going pee in the potty and no longer having accidents or having very infrequent accidents, then you can start slowly fading out the rewards. So in the beginning, your child will receive the reward every single time she has a success. Then once she's having very infrequent accidents, you can start giving her the reward every other time she has a success, and then every third time and they can slowly go away. But it's really important that you don't take the rewards away cold turkey because she may regress, that's way you want to slowly fade out the rewards.

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