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Should Punishments Be Used in Toilet Training?

Find out if punishments should be used in toilet training in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about the use of punishments during toilet training. I do not recommend using punishment, I recommend using a natural consequence. So when you're doing potty training and your child is wearing underwear and he has an accident, the natural consequence is that he has to stop what he's doing, take off his wet underwear, put the underwear in the laundry basket and get new underwear and put them back on on his own. That is a natural consequence instead of a punishment. A punishment can make the child feel inferior like he doesn't want to do potty training anymore and can really discourage success, that is why I do not encourage you to use punishment during potty training. When your child has an accident it's understandable that you make it frustrated and angry and you may want to put your child in time out or you may want to use corporal punishment but it's really best that you don't use any punishment but you give him a consequence for having an accident and make him responsible for cleaning up the accident.

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