How to Explain the Toilet-Going Process

Learn how to explain the toilet-going process in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about how to explain the toilet going process to your child. By this time your child may be going potty at home but not at school. Or your child may not be going potty when he's with his friends or with his grandparents. So you want to explain to your child what she needs to do when she's away from home and she needs to go potty. So remind her, when she needs to go potty, when she feels the edge to go potty, she needs to find an adult that can help her. She needs to go find a teacher, a grandma or her friend's mama and remind her what she needs to say. If you need to pee in the potty, tell grandma, "I need to go pee-pee" and then grandma will show you where the potty is, and show you how to use the potty whether be a small training potty or the regular toilet and she'll also have her rewards there for you.

So when you do the pee in the potty, you'll get your reward. So be very clear as to what you expect of your child. When she feels the urge to go potty, tell her what she needs to say to an adult, and then what she needs to do when she gets into the bathroom and then what she needs to do to get her reward. Once she's successfully used the bathroom, then you can remind her to use the sink to wash her hands and the towel to dry her hands and then she can be finished. And that's how you explain the toilet going process.

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