How to Do Infant Toilet Training

Learn how to toilet train an infant in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


So let's talk about infant potty training. Infant potty training really relies upon the parents to take the child to the potty. The parent has to watch for queues that the child needs to go pee and really has to remain vigilant so you have to be really aware as to when your child is going potty and it really depends upon the parent. It's more like training the parent than is the child.

Therefore, I don't typically recommend using the infant potty training method because it really is training the parent and not so much the child. The parent has to watch out for the signs that the child needs to pee. The child has no idea when she's going pee, therefore it's really reliant upon the parent, so I suggest waiting until your child is a little bit older to recognize when he or she needs to go pee. That way, they become more independent and they don't rely upon the parents so much to train them, and that's why I don't recommend using the infant training system.

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