How to Toilet Train Your Child in One Day

Learn how to toilet train your child in one day in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Believe it or not, it is possible to potty train your child in one day. Many parents have accomplished it. First of all, you need to give your child lots of extra liquids so that he has lots of opportunities to have a success on the potty. You also need to take him to the potty very frequently, one to two times per hour, and have him sit for up to ten minutes so that he can have the opportunity to become successful. You also want to make sure that you have some rewards for your child so that every time he does have a success on the potty, you can give him a reward, which reinforces the behavior so that he does it again in the future. As a specialist, I am available to come into your home to do the one-day potty training with you. I can help you set up the bathroom so that we have everything we need for the potty training.

I can guide you through the process, and teach you exactly what you need to do to get your child trained in one day. When I do intensive potty training, I come into your home for six hours a day. We set up the bathroom so that we have everything that we need, and we take the child to the potty every five minutes. At that time, he will sit on the potty for ten minutes. Then he'll be off the potty for five minutes. And then he'll be back on the potty for ten minutes. So this is what we do, all day long. This gives him the opportunity to learn how to use the potty. This gives him opportunity to have many successes so that he can be rewarded for those successes, which ensures that he will continue the behavior again in the future. And that is how you potty train a child in one day.

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