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How to Handle Toilet Training Accidents

Learn how to handle toilet training accidents in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


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Let's talk about what to do when your child has an accident, all kids have accidents during potty training that's part of the learning process. It's important that you remember not to get frustrated or angry with your child and you don't punish your child for having an accident. When your child has an accident he needs to have a natural consequence of cleaning up the accident so if her panties are wet then she needs to take them off, she needs to put them in the laundry basket and she needs to get new panties back on. Like I said, it's really important not to punish your child or make it a negative experience because then they'll be less likely to be successful again in the future.

You can also get your child involved in the cleanup process so if there's a paddle in the paddle on the chair or on the floor you can have her wipe it up unless you really likes to clean up then you don't want to let her clean it up but again that's a natural consequence, she has to stop what she's doing, take off her wet clothes, clean up the paddle and put a new clothes back on and she can't go back to what she's doing until all of that has been done. That will discourage accidents again in the future.

You may find that your child is fully potty trained during the day but has accidents at night. If this is the case, then you want to help prevent those accidents by limiting the drinks at nighttime giving her a special flashlight or lantern to get herself to the bathroom. You could also consider waking her up in the middle of the night to go potty and also making sure she has a motivation to stay dry. If you wake up with dry panties, then you can have ice cream for breakfast. These are some strategies for dealing with accidents during potty training.

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