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When Your Child Can't Go but Won't Get Off the Toilet

Learn what to do when your child insists on sitting on the toilet even though he can't go in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


Let's talk about what you should do to actually get your child to pee in the potty. If you set the bathroom, you made it a fun place for your child to be, you've gotten the potty seat or training potty so your child is comfortable in the bathroom. So now how can you actually get your child to go pee on the potty. First of all, you want to increase liquids and I suggest giving your child between six to eight ounces of liquid an hour. That's a lot of liquid but that will give your child a lot of opportunities to go pee in the potty. If your child isn't interested in drinking, then you can give her some salty snacks like goldfish or crackers or pretzels that will encourage her to drink. Also you want to make sure you have a variety of drinks, so you can have water, milk, juice, soda, popsicles, whatever it is that your child likes to drink, you want those available for her.

You can also give him some high water content foods like fruits and vegetables or yogurt or applesauce or jello. It doesn't matter how you get the liquid in him or in what form it comes in but the more liquid your child takes in, the more will come out. So I suggest taking your child one to two times per hour and having her sit on the potty for up to ten minutes, this will give her a good amount of time to try to go pee on the potty. If she doesn't have a success, then tell her, "That's okay; we'll try again next time." If she does have a success, make a big deal out of it, "Wow, you went to pee in the potty." and make sure you give her the reward.

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