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Is It Ever Too Late for Toilet Training?

Find out if it is ever too late for toilet training in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


What happens if your child is five, all of his friends are potty trained, his brother's potty trained, and he just doesn't want to be potty trained? Is he too old? No, he's not too old. Any child of any ability can be potty trained at any time. With the right skills, tips, and motivators, your child can be potty trained whether he's 15 months or whether she's 10 years old. She is capable of being potty trained as long as the caretakers are consistent, everybody's on the same page, and you're using the reward system consistently with every success in the potty. Also some parents might think that there's something wrong with their child because they're not potty trained at three when their brother was potty trained at two. There's nothing wrong with your child. You probably just haven't found the right motivation and the right methods to get your child trained. So once you find the right methods and the right rewards to get your child trained, it's never too late.

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