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When a Child Will Only Use the Potty with a Certain Person

Learn how to deal with a child who will only use the potty with a certain parent or caregiver in this Howcast video featuring potty training specialist Ashley Hickey.


What do you do if your child will only go with one caretaker or parent and not the other? First of all, you want to figure out what the issue is. Does she not like the face that daddy makes when he walks into the bathroom? Or does he not like the way that daddy sings the song when they're sitting on the potty together? Figure out what the issue is and then resolve it. Then, you want to give them a motivation to going to the bathroom with the other parent. For instance, if your child will only go potty with mom but not with dad, then have dad take her into the bathroom with one of her favorite toys to play with, or he can bring in one of her favorite movies to watch, and they can watch it together. So you want to make sure that the child has fun with both parents and gets used to going with both parents by giving her the motivation and the will to want to go with that parent. Give that parent an extra special toy or activity that only they can do when they're together in the bathroom and that will allow the child to learn to go potty with both caretakers or parents.

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