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Health Conditions Helped by Fasting

Learn about the health conditions that are helped by fasting in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi. I'm Natalia Rose, and today we're going to talk about the health conditions that could be helped with fasting. If you undertake fasting in an intelligent way, which I believe means to couple fasting with colonics and added meds. And when I say fasting, I mean juice fasting. Not water fasting, or dry fasting. You can definitely improve your state of health, and alleviate or relieve, improve chronic conditions and acute conditions that you may be suffering from. One of the major conditions that people see relief from through fasting, smart and intelligent fasting, is our skin conditions. Our skin conditions like, eczema, psoriasis, acne, pimples in general, poor skin quality. That's one of the immediate things that you'll see, when you undertake an intelligent fast. Internally your system is going to have this wonderful rest, when you're not consuming concentrated and dense food. In that period, while your body is resting, so many of your organs are going to get the chance to regenerate. Your organs are going to get to breathe, and take in more oxygen, receive more nutrients from the vegetable juice that you're already consuming, without having to breakdown all the dense substances, that you would otherwise be consuming, and you literally get a chance to regenerate the body at large. So you can expect to see improvement throughout your body.

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