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Who Should NOT Fast

Learn who should NOT fast in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose and today we're going to talk about who should not undertake a fast. Now if you're suffering from any chronic or acute condition that would include something like hypertension or a heart problem or you're extremely overweight, there are better ways to undertake cleansing and healing than to start with a fast. First of all, just check with your doctor. Make sure you're in good enough physical health to undertake a short fast.

Now a few things that we're going to consider. One, is how long is the fast? If we're talking about fasting until lunch, that, most anyone can do as most of you know. If we're talking about doing a 3 to 5 day juice fast, that's more of a commitment physically, emotionally, and mentally so you need to make sure you're really up for that. Check with your doctor first of all. Most people can undertake a juice fast for at least 24 hours. That's usually something that just about anybody can do. Thirty-six hours, same kind of deal. Once you're going beyond 36 hours, you want to take care, make sure that your body's really feeling in sync. It is in harmony with the fast. You want to make sure you're feeling good. If you're doing the fast correctly, you're going to feel good. If you're feeling low energy, if you're feeling light-headed, if you're suffering emotionally, if it's mentally becoming too much for you, because a fast is a very energetic process, it demands a lot from our... not just our body but from our mind and our emotions. If you're feeling as if you're not on a sure footing, then it's time to taper off the fast and potentially break it.

When you're considering whether or not you should fast, consider the factors. What are you fasting on? What is your physical state? What is your emotional state? What is your mental state? I'm not a big proponent of dry fasting and water fasting for most people, but juice fasting enables you to take in a great deal of nutrients, far more nutrients than you would if you were eating normally, and a great deal of oxygen from the fruits and vegetables themselves. Juice fasting is much like eating, just without the fiber.

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