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How to Deal with the Bad Breath Caused by Fasting

Learn how to deal with the bad breath caused by fasting in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose and today we're going to talk about how to deal with fasting bad breath. Charming I know. The reason the breath gets specially bad when one is fasting is because the body in its...given the opportunity to start to cleanse is pushing all the deep impactive waste matter to the surface through he the limited channels. This is a good thing but in the interim it can be kind of stinky and gross.

So basically what we want to do is we want to first of all acknowledge where the smell and the stench the grossness is coming from. It's coming from within being pushed out and that's exactly what we want to have happen.

The second thing is that we can deal with it in two ways. One, we can help support the eliminative process so that the waste moves through swiftly and we do that by incorporating the health of colonics, enemas and infrared sweating saunas. And the other thing we can do is of course deal with it topically.

So when you're fasting you might find that it suits and those around you better if you're brushing your teeth maybe four, five, six times a day rather than twice a day. And we want to of course be using a really high quality toothpaste so nothing - in my opinion - nothing with fluoride, nothing with any artificial ingredients.

Using clove oil and cinnamon, pepper mints, these are all wonderful things. clove field drops can be wonderful. Another great tool to employ while you're fasting, and any time, is using a tongue scraper because most of the smell of the bacteria is coming through the tongue, is proliferating on the tongue. So tongues paper will enable you get rid of most of the bacteria and the origin of the bad breath. Be sure to brush your tongue with your tooth brush if you want to do that.

And then remember the teeth and the gums have little tiny channels that run through and communicate with the body at large. They'll even pass their waste excretions through these channels up into the teeth and gums for exit.

Bear in mind that your teeth and gums are communicating in this way with your organs at large will help explain why there's so much activity in the mouth and why there's so much bacteria and waste coming through thus the stench.

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