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How to Prevent Constipation Caused by Fasting

Learn how to avoid becoming constipated when you're fasting in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose and today, we're going to talk about how to prevent fasting constipation. So there are five different tools to keep in your arsenal to prevent fasting constipation. The first is the most golden tool which is the colonics and enemas because that's going to keep the waste moving out.

The second tool I recommend is what I call stool for your stool. You're going to bring in a little stool or a waste bin works perfectly. The waste bin you have in your bathroom right now, if you flip it over it's going to be exactly the right height, about 18 inches high. And you're going to put your feet up on that and when you go to put your feet on the stool, the stool for your stool, is going to put you in a position that's more like squatting and that's actually how indigenous people used to move their bowels. And it makes for a much more seamless pathway for the bowels to flow. So you'll find that if you're finding it difficult to move sitting on the toilet regularly, when you elevate your feet everything will flow much more smoothly.

Another thing we can use is a castor oil pack. Rub castor oil on your belly. Get a hot water bottle and between the hot water bottle and the caster oil on your belly, if you place a flannel cloth and then place the water bottle on top of the flannel cloth and just let that sit for a while, the caster oil will penetrate the skin and start to help move things along in the large intestine. That's a really great tool.

Also self massage. Literally massaging your intestine in a clockwise motion from the lower right side up to the upper right side, across to the left side, and then down the left side. So literally the clockwise motion. This will also help encourage the movement of the bowels.

Another way to alleviate constipation when you're fasting, would be to take aloe vera. There's a great brand called Herbal Answer. It's a whole leaf, raw aloe vera product and taking two to four ounces of this product each day will really help to move things along.

And finally, another great technique is moving the body in twist. Literally going from side to side, twisting the upper body, crosswise. Twist will also really help to promote the movement of a stagnant bowel.

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