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Should You Use Enemas While You're Fasting?

Learn if you should use enemas while you're fasting in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi. I'm Natalia Rose, and today we're going to address whether you should use enemas while you're fasting.

The answer is yes, a wholehearted yes. Enemas and colonics are what's called colon hydrotherapy. They enable water to enter the large intestine to hydrate and reconstitute the waste matter in the large intestine and usher it out. When the waste is reconstituted, the peristaltic activity that's natural to the movement of the intestines kicks in, enabling the waste to harmoniously leave the system.

Properly administered colonics and enemas very gently work in harmony with the large intestine to mobilize the accumulated waste on out.

There are a variety of different enemas that can be administered. You have a bulb enema, a fleet enema, or a two-port gravity enema. I recommend the two-port gravity enema.

Both colonics and enemas are extremely beneficial during a fast.

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