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What to Eat to End a Fast

Find out what you should eat to end a fast in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose and today we're going to talk about what to eat to end a fast. It's such a great question. A long time ago I've read somewhere that any fool can fast but it takes a wise man to break the fast. Those are very, very true words. What you break your fast with is extremely significant, well not only the significant to the break fast experience but it will crystallize the entire fast for your body. Meaning that if you break the fast with the wrong foods you could undermine all the good things you did by undertaking the fast to begin with. So the best thing, the safest thing to break the fast on are vegetables, both raw and cooked vegetables. For example, a perfect break fast meal would be a green salad with some raw vegetables and some steamed broccoli or steamed spinach and a baked yam. That would be the perfect break fast meal for just about anyone. Fruit can be much trickier. Only break your fast with fruit if you've been detoxing, cleansing for a long time and you're a veteran faster. Otherwise fruit entering a system that is undergoing its first fast may create more complications. So unless you're a veteran faster and you know what you're doing do not break your fast with fruit.

So you want to be careful not to over eat when you break your fast, a good move would be to establish the parameters around your break fast meal very carefully, very, very clearly. Some of those parameters might be making yourself a salad, making yourself some steamed vegetables, plating it all and establishing that that's the extent of your break fast meal. You can eat whatever's on that plate in your serving but eating beyond that should wait for a later time. During the fast your palate has started to regain its sensitivity. When you're eating in the normal world there's so many food additives and excessive amounts of salt and oils and things used in foods that desensitizes your palate. When you stop eating for several days you regain that sensitivity and you'll start to taste the simplest foods in a much more dynamic way. Enjoy that, enjoy the taste of simply steamed broccoli, a simple bowl of salad with some lemon juice and maybe a little drizzle of olive oil. You'll be like a newborn tasting these foods for the first time and amazed at how delicious simple vegetables can be. You may be wondering when it's time to start reintroducing some of the other foods that you'd like to make a part of your regular diet, such as fish or goat cheese or maybe some of the higher quality grains. You can start to reintroduce those things after the first couple of meals. Bear in mind that the more you introduce the non-water containing plant foods the more you're going to start craving them. So try to keep them at a minimum and benefit from extending the healthy eating as long as you can.

A good rule of thumb for breaking your fast is to make sure to steer clear of acidic foods as much as possible. Acidic foods mean foods are not water containing plant based foods, foods like animal products, packaged foods, fast foods, processed foods. Steer clear of those because your newly sensitized, very open system is going to be much more offended by those acidic foods than you would feel normally.

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