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Difference between Fasting & Cleansing

Learn the difference between fasting and doing a cleanse in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose. And today we're going to answer the question, "Is there a difference between a fast and a cleanse?" And the answer is yes. A fast technically means that you're just consuming one thing. A cleanse means you're actually successfully removing accumulated waste from your body. Now you can use a fast as a gateway to cleansing. You can use a fast as a way to trigger cleansing. But a fast, in it of itself, is not cleanse. In my private practice, I teach people the actual mechanics of cleansing, which requires two specific things. One is to awaken the accumulated waste matter and the second is to release the accumulated waste matter. And that there is the essential mechanics of cleansing.

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