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Juice Fasts vs. Water Fasts

Learn about the pros and cons of a juice fast versus a water fast in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose. And today we're going to talk about the difference between juice fasting and water fasting. Juice fasting will give you tons of energy and make you feel great while you're fasting. Whereas water fasting is not going to provide any nutrients at all and can lead you feeling quite drained while you're fasting. Juice fasting in my book is highly recommended. Water fasting is not so highly recommended and really only comes into play in certain unusual conditions. When you're juice fasting, you're consuming huge quantities of nutrients, life force, and oxygen through your juice. When you're water fasting, you're not consuming anything except for the quality of the water you're drinking. Remember that the whole point of juice fasting is to use the alkalinity of the green juice to reconstitute and magnetize the accumulated waste up and out of the cells and tissues and then to be eliminated through the large intestine, the skin, and the other eliminative organs. When you're water fasting, unless your water fast get highly alkaline water from a very powerful, vital well or spring, you'll never really get close to the quality of alkalinity and the quantity of alkalinity that you will get through green juices.

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