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What Is the Rose Cleanse?

Learn about the Rose Cleanse in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I'm Natalia Rose and today we're going to talk about the Rose Cleanse.

What is the Rose Cleanse? The Rose Cleanse is a modified juice fast that enables people to gain most of the benefits of straight juice fasting, while also getting to enjoy an evening meal every day.

So for many people it's really easy to think about juice until dinner, but really hard to think about going overnight without food. So in this way you can benefit from juice fasting during the day, and then still enjoy your evening meal at night. A great benefit to doing the Rose Cleanse is that during the day while you're taking all the highly alkaline green juice, you're awakening a ton of old matter which is what we juice fast for. But then, you're still getting to enjoy a lovely meal in the evening. The great benefit of the Rose Cleanse is that you get to benefit from all the highly alkaline green juice that you're taking in during the day with out stressing yourself about juice fasting long term. The Rose Cleanse makes juice fasting really easy to incorporate into your lifestyle over the long term and as we know, consistency over the long term is the key to success in this.

Of course as with all fasting, we highly recommend incorporating colon hydrotherapy. So that all the you've awakened through the green juices during the day you'll be able to release when you have your colonics and thereby experience the most thorough cleansing possible.

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