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Best Ingredients for Homemade Salad Dressing

Learn how to make a healthy salad dressing in this Howcast video featuring nutritionist Natalia Rose.


Hi, I am Natalia Rose, and today we are going to talk about "What to look for in a truly good for you salad dressing". The first thing I would look for is something that is homemade and not in a bottle or jar, not something you buy in a store but something you make yourself. There are a few things I recommend, most importantly remember, that all a good dressing is a combination of an acid, a fat and a sweet.

Now, in most salad dressings, you have an acid that's vinegar, a fat that's oil and a sweet that's usually sugar or something close to it. You can replicate, the experience of a sweet, an acid and a fat on the palate, using much more high quality ingredients. For example, for a fat, you can use avocado or a nut or seed butter, for an acid, you can use lemon or lime juice and for a sweet you can use Stevia instead of sugar, agave, maple syrup or any of these other sweeteners.

Something to keep in mind is that a dressing can be prepared as part of a salad. For example, while you are making your salad you are slicing your avocado or squishing your avocado, you are squishing your lemon and you can add some Stevia to that and create the experience of a dressed salad, without an actual liquid dressing that you are adding to the salad. That's number one, the second way you can do that is using goat cheese because goat cheese will operate as the fat, so you can use the goat cheese with the lemon juice and the Stevia, which makes an unbelievably delicious salad dressing, especially if you add some garlic to that one, highly recommend the garlic. And then finally, if you wanted to blend up a dressing, you can do so with a nut or seed butter like sunflower seed butter with lemon juice and garlic and herbs and lemon juice and blend that up for a delicious creamy salad dressing. Super delicious and super healthy.

Avoid oil, as much as possible. If must use oil, just use a very small amount of the highest quality olive oil you can find. If you must use oil, just use the smallest amount of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil you can find. Quality of the salad dressing can either support or undermine the health generating qualities of the salad. And knowing what you now know about what makes a great healthy salad dressing, there's no need to resort to bottled dressings or oil based dressings anymore.

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