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BioShock Infinite Ending

Would you kindly check out the Ending for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Female voice: Booker, are you afraid of god?

Booker: No. But I'm afraid of you.

A Gentleman: Are you going to just sit there?

A Lady: As compared to what? Standing?

A Gentleman: Not standing. Rowing.

A Lady: Rowing: I hadn't planned on it.

A Gentleman: So you expect me to shoulder the burden?

Booker: What's this?

A Lady: No. But I do expect you to do all the rowing.

A Gentleman: And why is that?

A Lady: Coming here was your idea.

A Gentleman: My idea?

A Lady: I've made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise.

A Gentleman: The rowing?

A Lady: No. I amgine that's wonderful exercise.

A Gentleman: Then what?

A Lady: The entire thought experiment.

Booker: Excuse me. How much longer?

A Gentleman: One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail.

A Lady: But one does not undertake an experiment knowing one has failed.

A Gentleman: Can we get back to the rowing?

A Lady: I suggest you do or we're never going to get there.

Booker: That'll work.

A Gentleman: No. I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you would assist.

A Lady: Perhaps you should ask him? I imagine he has a greater interest in getting there than I do.

A Gentleman: I suppose he does. But there's no point in asking.

A Lady: Why not?

A Gentleman: Because he doesn't row.

A Lady: He doesn't row?

A Gentleman: No. He doesn't row.

A Lady: Ah, I see what you mean. We've arrived. He's not moving.

A Gentleman: He will eventually.

A Lady: I suppose he does. Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?

A Gentleman: Would that change anything?

A Lady: It might give him some comfort.

A Gentleman: At least that's something we can agree on.

Booker: Hey! Is somebody meeting me here?

A Gentleman: I'd certainly hope so.

A Lady: It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded.

Booker: Ah, well maybe there's someone inside. Ah, excuse me. It's Booker DeWitt. I guess you're expecting me. Good luck with that, pal. Is anyone here? Hello? Shit. Wait a minute, that card. What in the world? All right. Looks like they expect me to sit in their fancy chair. So now... The hell?

Countdown Voice: Make yourself ready, pilgrim. The bindings are there as a safeguard.

Booker: No. No! Goddammit!

Countdown Voice: Ascension. Ascension in the count of five, count of four, three, two...

Booker: No, no, no, no, no.

Countdown Voice: One.

Booker: No.

Countdown Voice: Ascension. Ascension.

Booker: Just stay calm.

Countdown Voice: Five thousand feet, 10,000 feet, 15,000 feet. Hallelujah.

Booker: Excuse me! Where am I?

Male Pilgrim: Heaven, friend. Or as close as we'll see till Judgment Day.

Booker: Best keep such questions to myself, less I want to get made.

Lady Comstock: Love the Prophet because he loves the sinner. Among the sinner because he is you. Without the sinner what need is there for a redeemer? And without sin what grace has forgiveness?

Booker: Got to find the exit out of this place.

Preacher Witting: And every year on this day of days, we recommit ourselves to our city and to our prophet, Father Comstock. We recommit through sacrifice, and the giving of thanks, and by submerging ourselves in the sweet waters of baptism. And lo, if the prophet had struck down our enemies at Wounded Knee and not railed against the Sodom beneath us, it would have been enough. If the prophet had just railed against the Sodom beneath us, but not accepted the three golden gifts of the Founders, it would have been enough. Is it someone new? Someone from the Sodom below? Newly come to Columbia to be washed clean, before our Prophet, our Founders, and our Lord?

Booker: I just need passage into the city.

Preacher Witting: Passage to the city? Brother, the only way to Columbia is through rebirth in the sweet waters of baptism. Will you be cleansed, brother?

Booker: Hey, I'm just looking to pass through.

Pilgrim Woman 1: Hallelujah.

Pilgrim Man 1: Go on brother. Glory be.

Pilgrim Man 2: Praise the Lord.

Pilgrim Man 3: Glory be.

Pilgrim Woman 2: Reach out brother.

Booker: It's either this or turn around and get back on that rocket. Hey.

Preacher Witting: I baptize you, in the name of our Prophet, in the name of our Founders, in the name of our Lord. And make him born again, in the bosom of Columbia. I don't know brothers and sisters. But this one doesn't look clean to me.

Booker: Who's there? Who's there?

Male voice: Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

Booker: What do you want?

Male voice: We had a deal, DeWitt! Open this door right now.

Booker: I told you, I'm not going to do it! Now go away.

Male voice: Mr. DeWitt! Mr. DeWitt!

Male Pilgrim 1: And how do we know this was the new Eden? Are we to rely upon our own pride to make it so?

Pilgrims: No, because our pride cannot make it so.

Male Pilgrim 1: We know because the Angel Columbia favored our Founders with three gifts of gold.

Booker: That idiot priest needs to learn the difference between baptizing a man and drowning one. I need to find a landmark and figure out where the hell I am.

Male Pilgrim 2: To Father Franklin, a key of gold so that Eden might have industry that set her above all other nations.

Male Pilgrim 3: Our Prophet fills our lungs with water, so they may better love the air.

Male Pilgrim 4: He who crossed the Delaware, with flaming sword and wings of angels. Watch.

Male Pilgrim 5: By the sword, and the scroll, and the key. Amen.

Booker: Just because a city flies don't mean it ain't got its fair share of fools. All right, still got a girl to find.

Male Civilian 1: it's got a waterfall and everything. Just missed it!

Male Civilian 2: I bet we could have something arranged.

Woman on Bench: Why no, Mr. Rossignol. I've never had an oyster.

Male Civilian 3: Good morning.

Booker: Good to see you.

Male Civilian 4: Perfect day for the celebration.

Female Civilian 1: Father Comstock must have foreseen and planned it just this way.

Boy: ... Addressed to you Columbian people, on the holy forgiveness of our dear Lady Comstock, our beloved mother of forgiveness.

Female Civilian 2: Like does not matter to a Liberty Scout. There's no room for preference, only duty.

Male Civilian 5: Good day, citizen. You're looking fit.

Parade Narrator: After the victory at Wounded Knee, the angel Columbia did present herself to Father Comstock and show him a vision of the future.

Policeman: Sorry, pal. You got to wait like all the rest.

Parade Narrator: And so our Prophet led the people away from the Sodom Below up up into the city, where they created an even more perfect union. But it was the miracle child, the lamb, that is the future of our city. For the prophet has said that she in the tower will lead the Sodom below into righteousness.

Policeman: All clear. Good luck at the raffle, folks.

Female Civilian 3: Picking the right event to attend on a day like today is serious business, you know.

Booker: Columbia Raffle and Fair, huh.

Male Civilian 6: He's strong in the sword, but a bit weak in the key and the scroll, if you get my meaning.

Male Civilian 7: I'd keep an eye on that kind of talk, friend. That kind of talk draws attention.

Female Civilian 4: Oh, don't turn into some Finkton radical on me, John. I do not want to be some character out of "I Married a Vox Populi" now, do I?

Booker: Yeah, that's where they said I'd find her.

Boy: Telegram, Mr. DeWitt. Telegram for you, sir.

Booker: DeWitt. Stop. Do not alert Comstock to your presence. Stop. Whatever you do, do not pick number 77. Stop. Lutece. What the?

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