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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro

Would you kindly check out part 1 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Male Civilian: Why, good day to you, sir.

Booker: Uh...hello?

Female Civilian: I can't wait for tonight.

Female Civilian 2: I agree!

Male 1: You keep saying that.

Male 2: Should we go in?

Vigor Barker: If I told you a man could hoist a one ton stallion into the air, would you believe me? Well, friends, I am here today to tell those are no flights of fancy! Those are no tall tales told behind the pool hall! No sir, No ma'am...those are vigors I'm talking about, brought to you, courtesy of Mr. Jeremiah Fink himself. Who amongst you has tasted the divine gift of the vigor? One swig, and feats of wonderment are at the tips of your fingers! You know our Prophet is fair, you know our Prophet is kind, and he has asked, personally...

Bucking Bronco Barker: Young sir, young miss, roll up and try the amazing power of Bucking Bronco! Whether you need it lifted, lofted, tossed or tumbled, Bucking Bronco is just the ticket! Find the devil, good sir, and cast him out! Do you have what it takes? And there's devil number one. Devil number two. Woo! He's on a roll! And that's three! We have a winner! Here you go, friend. And remember, if you need it lifted, lofted, tossed or tumbled, Bucking Bronco is your answer!

Shotgun Barker: Look at this, Those dirty Vox are at it again! See them villains zipping around? Spreading their lies and dissent?

Booker: I'll give it a shot.

Shotgun Barker: Good man! Now take aim and blast those evil Vox out of the sky. Hit enough, and I'll get you a prize. Blasted to pieces! Blasted to pieces! Oh, just missed it. Blasted them out of the sky! Almost there, keep it up! Won't be any Vox left when you're done. Won't be any Vox left when you're done. Won't be any Vox left when you're done. Never seen shooting like that. You earned this! Keep the skies clear. Grab a gun and show those Vox who runs this city!

Recorded Message: Developed by Fink Industries for our troops, now available to all citizens of Columbia!

Shotgun Barker: Look at this! Those dirty Vox are at it again!

Recorded Message: Equis Mechanical--The Automatic Stallion! The Horse of the Future, today!

Shotgun Barker: A mighty fine prize, if you can keep those sky lines clear!

Male Civilian: Riding the sky line solo was originated by adolescents, you know.

Airgun Barker: The Vox Populi are on the loose! Who will hut them down? Hey you! Handy with a rifle? Looking to do your part for Columbia? Show your skill by hunting down Daisy Fitzroy and the vile members of the Vox Populi! Well, here's a brave fellow! Now, shoot the Vox when they appear. Get enough, and you'll win a prize! I'll even throw in a bonus if you bag the anarchist Daisy Fitzroy! A natural gunslinger! A crack shot! A crack shot! You're almost there! There she is! Daisy Fitzroy! Aha, a fitting end for that traitor! Well done, sir! A crack shot! A magnificent display of marksmanship. The Vox defeated, Daisy Fitzroy slain! You, sir, shall be richly rewarded.

Handyman Barker: Step right up and see the eight wonder of the world. He's big, he's bold. He's the amazing Handyman. Only in our fair city will you see such amazing feats of technological prowess!

Possession Hawker: Dear friend, have you ever lost a penny to a vending machine? Has a pay telephone ever refused to connect...

Booker: Give me one of those.

Possession Hawker: with a beloved spouse? With just a whisper, they're all ears.

Narrator: Press to turn machines into allies!

Booker: What the hell was that?

Automaton Ticket Taker: Well, if it isn't Assemblyman Buford! Your spot at the raffle awaits. Don't know why I didn't recognize you before. Odd!

Gentleman: Heads...

Lady: Or tails?

Booker: Come on, let me through.

Gentleman: Heads...

Lady: Or tails?

Booker: Huh? Uh...heads.

Gentleman: Told you.

Lady: Hmmm...

Gentleman: I never find that as satisfying as I'd imagined.

Lady: Chin up. There's always next time.

Gentleman: I suppose there is.

Girls: Songbird, songbird, see him fly. Drop the children from the sky.

Male Announcer: My, my. Is it that time of year already?

Girls: When the young ones misbehave...escorts children to their grave. Never back talk, never lie, or he'll drop you from the sky!

Girl: No, no! Get on with it!

Male Announcer: ...before we get down to it, I'd like to tell you all a little story.

Girl: Come on, please!

Male Announcer: A long time ago, when I was just a lad...

Male: Come on!

Girl: No! [inaudible 00:08:15]

Policeman: When did you get that?

Policeman 2: This little beauty? The whole division got them. If we're going to flush the Vox out of the sky line system, we gotta have the best.

Policeman: They got any openings in the group? I'd love to bust some Vox skull.

Booker: Hm.

Constance Field: Madam Lutece. I've read all your books on the sciences. Mama says it's not a fit occupation for a lady. But I think she's jealous of our cleverness. Isn't it true that only you were allowed to visit the girl in the tower? If the lamb is lonely too, I should like to meet her, as we would have much in common. Warmest regards, Constance.

Booker: What the...?

Male Civilian: We'll see about that.

Female Civilian: This is it! This is it!

Male Civilian: Ah, I feel I've waited all year for this!

Male Civilian 2: You always got a feeling.

Jeremiah Fink: Splendid, ha ha ha! And now, the 1912 Raffle has officially begun!

Female Civilian: Hey, mister. Mister!

Booker: Sorry, no sale.

Female Civilian: Silly. There's never a charge for the raffle. You been sleeping under a rock?

Booker: Seventy seven.

Female Civilian: Seventy seven? That's a lucky number. I'll be rooting for you.

Jeremiah Fink: Bring me the bowl! Is that not the prettiest young white girl in all of Columbia? Ha ha! Alright then...the winner is...number seventy seven!

Booker: Well, what do you know?

Female Civilian: Over here! Over here! He's the winner!

Jeremiah Fink: Number seventy seven, come and claim your prize! First throw!

Crowd: First throw! First throw! First throw!

Bride: Please, please don't do this!

Groom: It was me. It was all me! Please, please! No... Pleae, what are you doing?!

Jeremiah Fink: Come on, are you gonna throw it or are you taking your coffee black these days? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Groom: Let her go, please! I'm the one you want!

Jeremiah Fink: Oh, looks like we've got a shy one here. Ha ha ha..we've gotta do something about that!

Booker: I got something for you, you son of a bitch!

Jeremiah Fink: Time's a wasting, my boy! Why don't you give her a throw!

Male Civilian: It's him!

Jeremiah Fink: Now, where'd you get that brand, boy? Don't you know that makes you the back-stabbing snake in the grass False Shepherd?

Policemen: The False Shepherd!

Jeremiah Fink: And we ain't letting no False Shepherd into our flock...ha ha!

Girl: He's here!

Jeremiah Fink: Show him what we got planned, boys! Stop him...stop him! The False Shepherd's come to lead our lamb astray!

Policeman 2: Come on! Move it, move it!

Policeman: This is gonna get messy.

Policeman 2: This way! Cover the gate!

Policeman 3: You're not so damn tough!

Narrator: Possession now turns machine and man into allies. Hold and release to create a ghostly trap.

Policeman 4: Son of a bitch is in the park!

Policeman 5: Are you crazy?

Policeman 6: Cut him off! Don't let him escape!

Jeremiah Fink: I told you, Comstock. You sell 'em paradise, and the customers expect cherubs for every chore. No menials in God's kingdom! Well, I have a man in Georgia who'll lease us as many Negro convicts as you can board. Why, you can say they're simple souls, in penance for rising above their station. Whatever eases your conscience, I suppose.

Policeman 7: Hold!

Policeman 8: Come on, come on!

Policeman 9: Keep shooting! Keep shooting!

Policeman 10: Cut him off!

Policeman 11: Get him now!

Policeman 12: Call out the Fireman!

Policeman 13: It's the Fireman! Fireman's on his way!

Policeman 14: Keep shooting!

Policeman 15: It's the Fireman! He's here!

Policeman 16: Here he comes!

Policeman 17: He'll take care of the son of a bitch!

Booker: It's getting hot. What's going on? Oh, great. Devil's kiss. Well, you only live once.

Narrator: Press to throw a fiery grenade! Hold and release to create an explosive trap!

Booker: Whew! That wasn't no sample.

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