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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 10

Would you kindly check out part 10 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Male 1: We have company.

Female 1: We do indeed.

Booker: Why are you following me?

Female 1: We were already here.

Male 1: Why are you following us?

Booker: I...

Female 1: Aperitif?

Male 1: You'll find that handy in a pinch.

Female 1: The difference between life and death.

Booker: Oh, what was that?

Female 1: Hmm, surprising.

Male 1: Surprising that it worked?

Female 1: Surprising that it didn't kill him.

Male 1: but a magnetic repulsive shield around one's body can come in handy.

Female 1: If it doesn't kill you.

Male 1: A fair point.

Ed: Father Comstock called on me today to write his biograph. Me! The man pays for exactly 100 pages, in advance. Now, I'm half a Jew when I smell silver, so I say, I say, "Father, your flock would pay for a thousand! You know, why settle for less?" And then, the prophet looks to me and says, "One hundred will suffice, as I know how it ends."

Gunship P.A.: Blood on the streets! And worse is the insult, because today is the day that marks or secession Iron the Sodom Below!

Booker: Whooa! Damn hook must be magnetized!

Founder Soldier 1: What happened to me?!

Gunship P.A.: As our Propher has seen, the False Shepherd has come! He has come to take our lamb and lead her astray.

Founder Soldier 2: Is this what you wanted?!

Founder Soldier 3: Fire! Fire! Come on, make a shot! He's good! Get him out in the open!

Founder Soldier 4: Fire! Fire! Send him around!

Gunship P.A.: Everyone, stay calm and lock your doors if you can. The Prophet foresaw this day would come and he is prepared. The answer is not in panic but nin prayer.

Male 2: Violence is not the answer! As mush as I support her cause and her people, blood much be not be shed.

Female 2: What do you expect these poor negroes to do? How they treat them, it was bound to happen!

Male 2: Violence is not a foregone conclusion. It's him! The one they're after. Go! They're looking for you!

Policeman: Police! We're in need in your assistance!

Female 2: They're here!

Male 2: Shh! Keep your voice down!

Policeman: All right, let's move on.

Founder Soldier 5: Don't stop! Keep shooting!

Founder Soldier 6: Moving in cover!

Gunship P.A.: Gentlemen, the False Shepherd is loose in the streets of our fair city! Will you suffer the shame of allowing your wives and your daughters to fall prey to his machinations? Or will you act? Act for your women folk! Act for your Prophet! Act!

Zachary: And when the Angel Columbia gave unto the Founders the tools to build the new Eden, they did so without hesitation. For 85 years, they prepared the way of the Lord. But when the Great Apostate came, he brought war with him, and the fields of Eden were soaked with the blood of brothers. The only emancipation he had to offer was death.

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