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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 13

Would you kindly check out part 13 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Elizabeth: Come on, this way! It's his job to keep me locked up in here!

Booker: We'll see about that!

Elizabeth: Who are you? Why did you come here? This way, come on!

Booker: Wait!

Elizabeth: Hurry!

Booker: Call the elevator!

Elizabeth: What?

Booker: Press the button!

Elizabeth: What is all this? They were watching me? All this time. Why? Why did they put me in here? What am I? What am I?

Booker: You're the girl who's getting out of this tower.

Elizabeth: We have to keep moving!

Booker: This way!

Elizabeth: He's tearing the building apart!

Booker: Be careful, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Who do you know my name?

Booker: Not now.

Elizabeth: Hurry! There's a door up here!

Booker: Out of the way, let me try.

Elizabeth: Which way?

Booker: Up! Whoa!

Male 1: Mr. DeWitt! Mr. DeWitt! Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

Elizabeth: Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

Male 1: Are you in there, DeWitt?

Booker: Huh? What do you want with her?

Male 1: We had a deal, DeWitt!

Booker: Tell me what you want with her!

Male 1: Open this door, right now!

Booker: Are you going to hurt her?! Tell me what you want! Anna? Anna! Anna, Anna!

Elizabeth: No, its me, Elizabeth. Are you all right?

Booker: Where am I?

Elizabeth: Back in the land of the living. Here, let me.

Booker: I'll be fine.

Elizabeth: You almost drowned. You need to...

Booker: I said, I'm fine. Just... Just give me a minute.

Elizabeth: Do you hear that? It's music!

Booker: Go on. I just.. just need to...

Elizabeth: Okay. I won't be long. I won't be long, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Where is she? You see a young girl? Blue skirt... no?

Female 1: No, but I'm without an escort if you're looking to pass the time.

Booker: hey, hey! I'm looking for a young girl, wearing a white blouse, brown hair, blue eyes? You fellas seen a girl around here? Blue skirt, dark hair?

Male 2: Look at this one.

Male 3: Why don't you just sleep it off, chum?

Ed: The Prophet may know how his own biography's going to end, but I can scarcely fathom how I'm going to start it. I mean other than the kid's stuff you get at the Hall of Heroes, anything prior to his baptism was, and here I quote, hang on, "left on the riverside." They'll call me a plagiarist, but I'm going to spend the first 30 pages regurgitating scripture.

Booker: Hey, I'm looking for a young girl.

Male 4: Who isn't, brother?

Booker: An airship. That could be our ticket out of here.

Male 5: The whole thing's rigged. All I want is fair pay for an honest day's work.

Female 2: Everything's changing. People don't know their place anymore.

Female 3: Tell me about it. An Oriental stopped me on the street and asked me for the time. Just like that!

Female 4: There should be a law.

Female 3: I think there is.

Male 6: maybe you and I should go for a walk along the shore.

Female 5: I'm not going on any walk with you. Your reputation is well established.

Female 6: Well, he's your brother.

Female 7: You know, I know a fella who can, shall we say, take care of this?

Male 7: Jump, jump, jump, jump!

Photographer: All right now, you're strong! Strong! Pretend you're Hercules. Right, that's great! All right, Miss. Now put your hand a bit higher on the back of his leg. No? No panhandling, fellow. Didn't you see the signs?

Male 8: I'm going to marry you.

Female 8: I've heard that before.

Male 8: You have to believe me. I don't love her anymore.

Female 8: It amazes me how many men I've met haven't the slightest idea who they really are.

Male 9: Damn fools, should let them drown themselves.

Male 10: I can tell my wife is scared, but I don't know how to comfort her.

Male 11: Comstock will take care of the Vox, If he says he has a plan, then he has a plan. When's he ever let us down before?

Male 12: This is the life.

Female 9: I miss real beaches.

Booker: Hey, Miss! Miss! Could you just... Hey, Miss. Miss Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Hello! Oh, this is wonderful! Oh come dance with me, Mr. DeWitt!

Booker: I don't dance. Come on, let's go.

Elizabeth: Why? What could be better than this?

Booker: Well, how about Paris?

Elizabeth? Paris? I don't understand! How could we get there?

Booker: It's where that airship's going. But if you want to stay and dance, we can...

Elizabeth: No! Let's go! Come on, let's go! Come on, let's go right now! I'm out! It's hard to believe but it's true, isn't it? Oh, can you smell that? I've never smelled anything like that before, have you?

Booker: Beaches I know don't smell much like that.

Instructor: Now, jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Elizabeth: Mr. DeWitt. Comstock, I've read about him. They say he can see the future.

Booker: Give a man a little power, he falls in all kinds of love with himself.

Elizabeth: I don't like his look.

Shop Owner: D you dislike the look of the Prophet or his gaze?

Elizabeth: Can we leave now? It almost looks like a real ocean, but it's just a set of elaborate pumps and rain-catchers. That fall into the water did you no favors. I'll keep an eye out for something that might ease your pain. Mr. DeWitt, here!

Gentleman: Bird?

Lady: Or the cage?

Gentleman: Or perhaps the bird?

Lady: Nothing beats the cage.

Booker: These two again? How do... Never mind.

Elizabeth: Look at these! They're amazing! Which one do you like more? This one or this? The bird is beautiful and the cage is somber, but there's really something special about it. I just can't decide.

Booker: The one on the right.

Elizabeth: Are you sure?

Booker: I'm sure.

Elizabeth: I love it.

Lady: Surprising. I expected the cage.

Gentleman: If you're going to be a sore loser, then I shan't do this again.

Lady: Now that's just sophistry.

Male 13: Oh my god!

Elizabeth: My god, look!

Male 13: It's Fitzroy. It has to be. Who else would do such a thing?

Booker: Are you all right?

Elizabeth: It was my home.

Booker: We should get out of here.

Elizabeth: Let's go.

Male 14: Who knows what the prophet sees. He tells us what he deems wise. It's okay. It's okay.

Female 10: Oh, Frederick.

Male 15: Where was the Songbird when this happened?

Female 11: What I want to know is, why's there never a Handyman around when you need one? What are they good for except scaring people with their grotesque disabilities?

Policeman 1: Make sure you have a piece of photographic identification ready for presentation.

Policeman 2: Put those arms up now! Fingers apart! Legs apart! Stand still! Now hold steady.

Drunkard: Look at this one. Hey, hey copper! Look at this one! He's suspicious if you ask me!

Policeman 2: All right, all right. Quiet down there, Pete. Just go home and dry yourself out.

Booker: Ah, damn thing's locked. What are you doing?

Elizabeth? You're a roguish type, what does it look like? Done!

Booker: Where did you learn to pick locks?

Elizabeth: Trapped in a tower with nothing but books and spare time? You would be surprised what I know how to do. Aren't we the well-to-do types?

Worker: I must take any task with more than the slightest complexity. Oh, hello, sir. Don't you pay me no never mind. Just some foolishness, you know. Just monkeyshines.

Elizabeth: Hey, Mr. DeWitt! I found these silver eagles. There's a vending device over there. There might be something to bring you back to health.

Booker: It's probably a good idea.

Vending Machine: I appreciate a lady who appreciates value!

Radio Announcer: Is your housekeeper acting suspicious? Try asking the girl a few key questions such as, "Don't you think those Vox Populi folk have a valid complaint against the Prophet?" And, "I'm sure some of your friends have attended meetings. I'd sure like to see what they're all about." Now, back to the music.

Daisy: When I first seen Columbia, that sky was the brightest, bluest sky that ever was.

Bride: Hey, hey, mister. We'd like to help you.

Booker: Do I know you?

Groom: back at the lottery, you... without you, we wouldn't have gotten away.

Bride: Daisy always said somebody like you would come along.

Elizabeth: Hey! Flawless Flintlock! It's the newest one in the series. I read it was delayed three times.

Duke and Dimwit Narrator: Are you a Duke or a Dimwit?

Server: Sir, what's up? It would be my pleasure to offer you a refreshment.

Booker: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Why is one bathroom for colors and the other for whites?

Booker: It just is.

Elizabeth: Seems like an unnecessary complication. Are you trying to get us both arrested? I hope you don't intend for me to follow you in there.

Zachary: As a boy, I had a dog named Bill. Like all dogs, Bill was a loyal friend.

Elizabeth: Are you all right in there?

Booker: Everything's fine.

Zachary: ...loyal. If we had struck him, Bill would have been loyal. Only when the colored man can make that claim will he take his place in society.

Barker: Come and take a photograph with the father of our country. He chopped down the cherry tree! He crossed the Delaware! On bendedknee, he accepted the sword from the angel Columbia! Come on, folks! Show your allegiance to flag and to the nation!

Motorized Patriot: To the sky, Comstock bent...

Elizabeth: Here's some cash. Catch, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Thanks.

Esther: Annabelle?

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Esther: Annabelle, it's me. Esther!

Elizabeth: Oh no, I'm not Annabelle!

Esther: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth. Do I know you?

Esther: Elizabeth. Isn't that a lovely name?

Elizabeth: That was odd.

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