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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 14

Would you kindly check out part 14 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Cop 1: Last customer, park's closing. Park's closing, everyone!

Shoe Shine: Yep, these shoes sure could benefit from a shine.

Customer: I guess I haven't paid much attention.

Shoe Shine: Looks like the rain.

Customer: Better rain than snow.

Shoe Shine: I suppose that's true.

Sweeping Man: Hey, you want to watch out? I just swept that.

Esther: Excuse me.

Man 1: Have you got sauerkraut?

Hot Dog Vendor: Sauerkraut? I guess so.

Esther: Well, if you're in such a hurry, go on ahead.

Man 1: I'll take one please. How much?

Hot Dog Vendor: One Silver Eagle.

Man 1: All right.

Ticket Seller: I don't know. Suspect he's carrying something. He's with her. Sure, we can get both apples with a single pick.

Booker: Hey. Two tickets for passage to the First Lady airship.

Ticket Seller: Yeah, just a minute, friend. Yeah, I have it. How do you want to proceed?

Booker: In a bit of a rush, pal.

Elizabeth: Hey, Mister, you're going to get mustard all over your nice suit!

Ticket Seller: I got it. I'll ring you once the matter's in hand.

Booker: I don't like this.

Ticket Seller: Send in the bird, we're ready to execute.

Booker: Excuse me, can I get some help here?

Ticket Seller: Certainly, sir. Sorry for the wait!

Elizabeth: What are you doing?!

Esther: Get the girl!

Agent 1: Don't move!

Elizabeth: Get off of me! Get away from me! Let me out! I want out! I want out of here now! Stay away from me!

Agent 2: Shoot to kill! Die! Keep shooting!

Agent 3: You won't get far!

Booker: Elizabeth, where are you?!

Esther: This is the moment we trained for. The False Shepherd is here. The day was not exact, but the Prophet's sight proves out again. The specimen must be taken alive. If she dies, I suspect they will give us to the bird, and whatever pieces it leaves behind will bear no names.That was cigarette number six. This waiting is insufferable.

Booker: Where is she? Ah, great. Nice.

Zachary: As the months and years turn to memories, so did the men of Congress turn to righteousness. And through the technology of men, the dollars of Washington, the Lord worked his will upon Columbia and raised her high above the Sodom below.

Booker: Just stay where you are!

Elizabeth: Get away from me!

Booker: Hey! Come back here!

Elizabeth: You killed those people. I can't believe you did that. They're all dead. You killed those people!

Booker: Elizabeth, I...

Elizabeth: You're a monster!

Booker: What did you think was going to happen?

Elizabeth: What?

Booker: Do you understand the expense people went through to keep you locked up in that tower? You think people like that are just going to let you walk away? You are an investment. And you will not be safe until you are far away from here.

Elizabeth: What do... What do they want from me?

Booker: I don't know. But that is the last time anyone gets the drop on me.

Elizabeth: Let me see your hand. What happened back there, that's not the last of it, is it?

Booker: I don't know.

Elizabeth: There. I suppose I best get used to it. You know, I've read a thing or two about medicine. I'll do my best to keep you supplied with remedies. And if your wounds are deeper, I'll try to keep you on this side of the abyss. Need money? Here. The gate's shut up tight. Now how are we going to get to the airship?

Booker: Let me see if I can get that gate open by hand.

Elizabeth: Shock Jockey. Who needs the power company?

Booker: Some fool's alternative to electricity.

Elizabeth: Doesn't seem to work very well.

Booker: There it is. The First Lady. Looks like it's heading for the dock.

Elizabeth: And that will take us to Paris?

Booker: Just stay close.

Elizabeth: Yes, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Call me Booker.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right, Booker. Should we head to the gondola or take a look around the boardwalk? I suppose a place like this might have much we'd find useful.

Ice Cream Vendor: Our ice cold Columbian ice cream is a culinary marvel! Try it yourself!

Radio Announcer: Our broadcast will continue after a moment of silent prayer for the victims of today's brutality.

Elizabeth: Do you know why you were hired to come and get me?

Booker: I imagine they were interested in meeting you. No doubt for lock-picking lessons.

Elizabeth: Why you?

Booker: Never even heard of this place before I got here.

Elizabeth: Huh. I assumed Columbia was common knowledge below.

Booker: Guess I got a bit behind with current events.

Elizabeth: More money. Catch, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Got it.

Elizabeth: What are you, Mr. DeWitt? Some sort of...?

Booker: I'm an independent contractor. Used to work for the Pinkertons and such. Not something you'd want gracing a resume.

Elizabeth: Pinkertons. Weren't they the ones they'd call in to settle things when the workers took to striking?

Booker: Settle. Well, that's a work for it.

Rosalind: When I was a girl, I dreamt of standing in a room looking at a girl who was, and was not myself, who stood looking at another girl, who also was, and was not myself. My mother took this for a nightmare. I saw it as the beginning of my career in physics.

Elizabeth: So Mr. DeWitt, is there a woman in your life?

Booker: There was. She died.

Elizabeth: How?

Booker: Giving birth.

Elizabeth: Oh, you have a child?

Booker: No. We need to summon the gondola if we intend to reach that airship.

Elizabeth: These seems to be the controls that summon her. Looks like this runs exclusively on Shock Jockey.

Booker: Of course it does. Where in the hell are we going to find that?

Elizabeth: Look! "Come see the future of power at the Hall of Heroes."

Booker: Ah. Well, that's convenient.

Gunship P.A.: Gentlemen, the False Shepherd is loose in the streets of our fair city. Will you suffer the shame of allowing your wives and your daughters to fall prey to his machinations? Or will you act? Act for your women folk! Act for your Prophet! Act!

Cop 2: There he is!

Cop 3: Is this what you wanted?!

Elizabeth: Here's some cash. Okay, catch.

Booker: Perfect timing.

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