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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 17

Would you kindly check out part 17 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Elizabeth: Look!

Booker: Is that...?

Elizabeth: It's a tear. Something I can bring into this world.

Booker: It's a freight hook. Well, that's convenient.

Elizabeth: As I said, it's a form of wish fulfillment. All right. Let me know if you want me to bring that freight hook in.

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Done! I feel there's more where that came from. Whenever I get anxious, tears have a way of appearing. Booker, do you see those tears? We can use them against Slate's men. That tear will get us access to higher ground. And that one will give us a turret.

Booker: And some cover. Open it! Not sure I understand this, but I'm not complaining.

Elizabeth: Ammo, Booker!

Enemy: Reload, cover me!

Elizabeth: Sorry, that's all I've got! I need more time to look! Here you go!

Booker: Much obliged!

Slate: Comstock's pet can do some wonderful tricks. Do you know what you've got there, Booker?

Booker: That's enough, Slate! We just need the vigor to get out of Columbia. We're taking it one way or another, Slate!

Elizabeth: You hold on to this.

Booker: That will do. Keep your eye open for that Shock Jockey vigor.

Motorized Patriot: To the sky, Comstock bent his knee, and saw with holy prophecy. An Eden floating in the mist by man forsworn, by Heaven kissed.

Slate: Tin men, Booker. That's what Comstock will turn us into! Wires and gears to replace heads and hearts!

Elizabeth: Booker!

Slate: You see, Booker? Maybe you're the man I remember, maybe not. It doesn't matter.

Elizabeth: Sounds money. Okay, catch!

Booker: Great.

Slate: Comstock took our stories and scrubbed away our soul. Now, he's coming for me. And when I'm gone, all that will left is the lie.

Booker: Just give us what we came for! Can you open this, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: All yours.

Booker: The whole place is ransacked. There ain't no Shock Jockey here. Slate, he's here. Comstock's ships. He's coming for Slate.

Slate: It was Slate who killed for his country at Wounded Knee! It was Slate who stormed the gates of Perking! Slate!

Booker: Slate!

Slate: Comstock's coming, Booker! But our lives won't satisfy him, oh no! He won't rest until he's turned us into tin! I won't let him! He took my past! But that's all he's getting from me!

Booker: Just give us the vigor. We don't need to do this!

Slate: here you go, boy! A soldier's death awaits! You're not the Booker DeWitt I remember, tin man! Tin man!

Booker: Elizabeth?

Slate: Is that all you can muster, soldier? Come on now, DeWitt! Don't disappoint the boys!

Booker: Do it! Now!

Slate: Come on, DeWitt! Show me what you're made of! You're not done here, soldier! Eat everything that's on your plate! Finish it! They haven't changed you, Booker, not one bit.

Booker: Shock Jockey. Well, this better be worth it, Slate.

Narrator: Press to shoot a bolt of electricity! Hold and release to create a shocking trap!

Elizabeth: I suppose it was mercy.

Booker: I suppose it was. Faster than you can imagine.

Elizabeth: You know, those vigors seem very powerful. I'll do what I can to keep you stocked in salts.

Booker: Thanks.

Elizabeth: You're bleeding! I'll try to keep you stocked! I'll find something soon! Booker, I can tell what Slate said bothered you. You showed me, sometimes you have to do what's necessary to survive.

Booker: There's survival and then there's finding pleasure in the act!

Elizabeth: Booker.

Booker: Look, you seem like a decent enough sort. That said, less you know about me, the better.

Elizabeth: More money. Here.

Booker: Perfect timing.

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