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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 18

Would you kindly check out part 18 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Do it now!

Elizabeth: Done!

Booker: That one, now!

Elizabeth: On it!

Soldier 1: Surrender.

Soldier 2: I'll cut your heart out.

Soldier 3: There he is.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: You need salts. Oh, my god!

Booker: Do it now!

Elizabeth: On it!

Soldier 4: Surrender.

Elizabeth: Here. Ammo! Sorry, that's all I've got. Booker, catch. Mr. Dewitt.

Booker: The name's Booker.

Elizabeth: I'll be certain to attend to that distinction, Booker. When there's a moment when we're not being shot at. If you're interested, I spotted some supplies over there.

Daisy Fitzroy: Who is this prophet? Who is this fraud, this charlatan, this salesman of snake oil? What you saw today, brothers and sisters, was just the beginning. Zachary Comstock will hear our voice. His temples shall burn, and his idols of gold will melt and run in rivulets through the streets of Columbia!

Elizabeth: Over here. Look, a cipher. A secret message from the Vox Populi.

Booker: Well, you're the junior code breaker. What's it say?

Elizabeth: Don't know. There should be a code book somewhere.

Man: For the glory of Columbia. The lord who judges, I act. Vengeance is mine. The prophet is not to have mercy.

Elizabeth: I'm not ready. I've got ammo. I'll keep my eyes open for more.

Booker: Fancy putting those lockpicking skills to work?

Elizabeth: Seems easy enough. There you go. Need money? Okay, catch.

Booker: Perfect timing. I don't think I understand how you do what you do. These tears.

Elizabeth: I always thought of them as doors. When I was younger, I didn't just open the ones I found. I remember making them.

Booker: Making them?

Elizabeth: I could go wherever I wanted, but I always wanted to come back.

Booker: To what?

Elizabeth: I don't know. My family?

Booker: How do you that? Whatever it is.

Elizabeth: You know how I said I had plenty of time to read? Well, I tried to figure it out. I read literature on physics and other such things.

Booker: Yeah? And what did that teach you?

Elizabeth: That there's a world of difference between what we see and what is.

Booker: Now.

Elizabeth: Sure thing. The gondola is coming.

Comstock: He will abandon you, my sweet Elizabeth. Once he has what he needs, he will leave you alone. What else could you expect from a liar and killer of women?

Booker: Comstock.

Elizabeth: Father, prophet, whomever you are, I'm leaving and there's naught you can do to stop me.

Comstock: Oh, sweet child, that's where you're wrong.

Elizabeth: Rockets! I haven't found anything yet. Look out. Patriot! I'm looking. I can't find anything.

Booker: Go ahead!

Elizabeth: There you go.

Booker: Locked. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Let me have a look. All done. When you were unconscious on the beach, you kept repeating a woman's name. Anna.

Booker: I don't want to talk about that.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pried. Where are you from, Mr. DeWitt?

Booker: New York.

Elizabeth: What did you do there?

Booker: Business much like this. Not something that really caters writing on a resume.

Elizabeth: It was a fine thing you came along when you did.

Booker: How do you think I ended up here? I gambled. And now I owe money to men you don't want to be in debt to. I come here to pay it back. Me busting you out. What do you think that was? Charity?

Elizabeth: Who sent you?

Booker: Somebody who was willing to take my marker in exchange for you.

Elizabeth: Salts. Here! Want to hold on to this?

Booker: Thanks.

Elizabeth: So, looks like they call you the False Shepherd.

Booker: And you the lamb.

Elizabeth: Let's not call each other that.

Booker: Suits me.

Elizabeth: How do you figure they'd know you'd be coming?

Booker: Either they've got a prophet on their side

Elizabeth: Har har.

Booker: Or them that hired me also wrote the signs.

Elizabeth: Why?

Booker: Got me. Just what the doctor ordered. You all right?

Elizabeth: I want to see Paris. I want to see everything.

Booker: Well, that's up to you now. There's no one...

Elizabeth: Wait! What is that? 40 North by 74 West. That's not Paris, that's New York.

Booker: How did you know that?

Elizabeth: One thing I had in that tower was time, Mr. DeWitt. Time to study things like geography.

Booker: I owed money. And there's a fellow, he offered to wipe away my debt, in exchange for you. Come on. Come on. Everything's going to be okay. Will you just turn around and talk to me, and we can...

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