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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 19

Would you kindly check out part 19 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Oh shit!

Vox Populi Male: Daisy, fresh air did the trick. This on'es awake.

Daisy: So you're this "False Shepherd" We been hearing so much about. Caused a mess of trouble at the raffle.

Booker: You Filzroy?

Daisy: Nothing but.

Booker: I got no quarrel with you or your Vox Populi. But this is my airship you're hanging me out of and I've got perilous need of it.

Daisy: Really? Because it sure look like old Comstock's airship to me.

Booker: Listen. I ain't looking for a fight.

Daisy: There's already a fight, DeWitt. Only question is, which side you on? Comstock is the god of white man, the rich man, the pitiless man. But if you believe in common folk, then join the Vox. If you believe in the righteous folk, then join the Vox.

Booker: I just want my ship.

Daisy: And the Vox shall give her to you. But first, you must help the Vox. Down in Finkton, there's a gunsmith who can supply weapons to our cause. Get our guns from him, and you shall have your ship back.

Booker: Whoaaaaa! Better find Elizabeth before she lights out of here.

Fink: The most common complaint I hear from the working man is that they are unhappy with their lot. "Why torment yourself?" I ask. The ox cannot become a lion. And why would you want to?

Hattie: Samuel always thought that the pew on Sunday went hand in hand with the desk on Monday. "Science is the slow revelation of God's blueprint." After two years in the Lamb's tower on Monument Island, he took ill with cancer of the stomach. I prayed to the Prophet, and the Prophet delivered unto us a miracle through his servant Fink. I do not know if I will ever get used to a husband bound in a skeleton of metal, but...better a Handyman than a dead one.

Ship Captain 1: This here is private property. You looking for trouble because I'm more than happy to be of service.

Fink: Lately, I've been hearing a whole mess of funny new ideas. Paid vacation, eight-hour days, workers' compensation. Those are anarchist words, my friends! And the anarchist is the friend of hunger, the comrade of want, and the partner of disease! And I, for one...

Radio Announcer: "Teddy" Taylor, a white man, 17 years old, charged with spiritual wrongdoing for performing routine daily prayers to The Founding Fathers was captured by the Pro-Union police force of Greenville, Texas today. On their way to Greenville jail, a mob of citizens overpowered them and took the prisoner. Fagots were stacked in a courtyard and Taylor set there upon. Cooking oil was poured and a match set. Taylor was slowly roasted until dead before some 600 Abolitionists. So is treated the righteous man in the United States of "Un-America".

Enemy 1: We're going to put you in the ground!

Enemy 2: Put him down!

Ship Captain 2: Get out of here, snipe. You want to know what we do to pretty little stowaways? Or maybe you don't.

Booker: Hey! Just stop for a minute!

Elizabeth: Get away from me! Stay away!

Booker: I just want to talk to you!

Elizabeth: I said stay away!

Booker: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Get away from me!

Booker: Just hold on a minute!

Elizabeth: Stay away!

Booker: I'm not angry with you! Hey, watch out! Move it! Move!

Elizabeth: Stay back!

Booker: Goddammit!

Elizabeth: I am not going with you!

Booker: Don't go in there!

Elizabeth: I have no need of one such as you!

Founder Frank: The Lamb, it's her! Call it in! Call it in!

Booker! No, no, no!

Elizabeth: No! Let me go!

Founder Soldier 1: We got her!

Booker: There's got to be another way in.

Vivian: They called Slate a monster and a traitor. I know the men who died in the Hall of Heroes with Captain Slate, there is no shame to be counted in their number. The shame lies to we who assembled outside the hall. Though we were not the ones who fell, I feel only envy for those who perished under his banner.

Founder Announcer: Requested troops are on their way. Keep close watch. A Handyman will be about to collect her shortly.

Founder Soldier 1: That's enough out of you!

Elizabeth: Let go of me! Get your hands off of me! Let me go!

Founder Soldier 1: Comstock wants you and we mean to give you to him! Won't you be quiet!

Founder Soldier 2: There he is! Raise the elevator! Send her up! Keep her locked up until Comstock's men com to get her. You keep her locked away up there! Don't let out of your sight or the Prophet won't forget it!

Founder Soldier 3: Quick! Flush him out! Don't make me hurt you!

Founder Soldier 2: Shoot to kill!

Founder Soldier 3: He won't get far!

Founder Soldier 2: He made it run for it. This is your fault! You will die! Give yourself up!

Booker: Will you stop already?!

Elizabeth: I am not going with you!

Booker: Elizabeth, wait!

Handyman: False Shepherd!

Booker: Hey! I'm slipping!

Elizabeth: Do not attempt to follow me, Mr. DeWitt.

Booker: Elizabeth! I've made an arrangement to get our airship back.

Elizabeth: You can get us out of here?

Booker: Yes. I just need to supply enough weapons to arm an entire uprising.

Elizabeth: And where will we get these weapons? From one of our many friends and allies?

Booker: A gunsmith in Finkton. Should be a walk in the part. What do you say, partners?

Elizabeth: You're a liar, Mr. DeWitt, and a thug. But you're also my only means of reaching Paris. Don't get too comfortable with my company, Mr. DeWitt. You are a means to an end no more.

Fink: I hear what it is people are saying. "Why?" you say, "Mr. Fink, we have to work 16 hours a day?" Let's be clear. I would like nothing more than to shorten your work day. But the fact is, I simply can't. Why not, you ask? Well, I can sum it up for you in one word: Morality. You see my friends...

Female: Now, Mr. Fink's a good man. You work hard and I know he'll reward you.

Fink: You take industry from a man's hand, and what goes in its place? Whiskey, women, and dice! And I, for one, will not have that in our friendly little town. No, sir! I will not!

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