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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 21

Would you kindly check out part 21 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Okay. Open it.

Elizabeth: Look. There's no blood.

Booker: And no body.

Elizabeth: It's another world, Booker. Another Columbia.

Booker: Something tells me one dead gunsmith ain't the only thing that's changed.

Interrogator 1: Daisy Fitzroy. Come on, you piece of horse shit. Tell me about Daisy.

Interrogator 2: Cut him loose.

Interrogator 1: What?

Interrogator 2: Scofield says cut him loose. They're bringing his tools to the lockup. That'll keep him clean, I guess.

Interrogator 1: Why?

Interrogator 2: What are you, the Columbia Gazette? The chink's wife got friends in high places.

Booker: I don't understand how Chen Lin is alive now.

Elizabeth: We're in a world where he was never murdered. Somewhere we'll find out why, I suppose.

Booker: I don't suspect you can change something like that and have everything else remain the same.

Elizabeth: These men.

Booker: I killed them. They were dead.

Elizabeth: Not in this world. Booker, their noses. They're all bleeding.

Booker: What's wrong with them?

Elizabeth: They remember.

Booker: Remember what?

Elizabeth: Being dead.

Fink: What is going on here. Sansmark? As my head of security, I suspect you'll want to find out how these two slipped past your men, and what they were doing in the basement!

Elizabeth: Sorry. Salts! Here! That man we just fought, in the other world he was the one who was strung up on the wall.

Booker: In the other world? This whole business makes my head hurt.

Elizabeth: Found some money.

Booker: Much obliged.

Elizabeth: That's foolish.

Booker: Just what the doctor ordered.

Elizabeth: He's got a flak cannon! Brooker, look. Looks like Fink isn't giving you the job.

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: On it. All right. Give me a second. The broken clock tolls at midnight.

Booker: Which clock? This looks like the one.

Elizabeth: Set it to midnight.

Booker: Well, I'll be...

Lance Cpl. Vivian Monroe: I came to Columbia because I believed in god and because I believe in honor. But this lady showed me this. There is no god in shotting our brothers out from the family of man and there is no honor in defending those who are strangers to its meaning. Perhaps in Finkton there is one more deserving of my service.

Elizabeth: Do you hear anything?

Booker: Huh?

Elizabeth: No machines. No tools.

Booker: Let's go find that gunsmith. Maybe he's upstairs now.

Elizabeth: Booker, look. The shrine. It's a figure of Comstock now.

Booker: Mr. Lin? Chen Lin? Excuse me, Chen Lin?

Chen Lin: Who are you? You speak up. Speak up! Can't hear you over all these machines! Very loud!

Booker: I'm booker DeWitt.

Chen Lin: Stand back! These machines very dangerous. Wait downstairs with Mrs. Lin.

Booker: Daisy Fitzroy sent us. We need to talk to you about getting some weapons?

Chen Lin: Machines very dangerous. No place for stupid people. Want to lose pretty head?

Booker: Mr. Lin.

Chen Lin: Downstairs.

Booker: What is wrong with him?

Elizabeth: Remember him dead in that cell? Maybe in some way he remembers that, too. How would you reconcile that?

Booker: I don't know.

Sarah Lin: Heal my husband. Calm his troubled thoughts. Ease his burden.

Booker: Excuse me, ma'am. I'm looking for Mrs. Lin.

Sarah Lin: I'm Mrs. Lin.

Booker: No, I mean a little Chinese lady. She was...

Elizabeth: Booker. This is Mrs. Lin.

Sarah Lin: They took Chen's tools. What's he got without his tools?

Booker: Well, your husband is a bit out of sorts.

Sarah Lin: If he could work again, maybe if he could work, he'd...

Elizabeth: Mrs. Lin, can you tell me who took your husband's tools?

Sarah Lin: Goddamn police. They took them and locked them up in the impound in Shantytown.

Elizabeth: Is she right? Would having his tools back fix his mind?

Booker: Who cares. We're not getting any guns if Chen Lin doesn't have his tools. Let's head to Shantytown.

Elizabeth: Did you notice? Lin had a bloody nose.

Booker: Seems to be in style.

Elizabeth: This tear. I'm not sure it was a good idea. I haven't found anything. If you want to ask me, ask me.

Booker: About what?

Elizabeth: My finger.

Booker: I didn't...

Elizabeth: It's all right. It's as much a mystery to me as anyone else. Maybe Songbird knows, but he's not talking.

Booker: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: What for? I get to wear this stylish thimble to cover up my hideous deformity. I hear they're all the rage in Paris. Need money? Catch.

Booker: Do it.

Elizabeth: There you go. That's all I have.

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: Sure thing. Okay, catch! That's it.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: There you go. Sorry. Catch.

Booker: Much obliged! Go ahead.

Elizabeth: Okay. Want to hold on to this?

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