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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 22

Would you kindly check out part 22 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Elizabeth: You must think me some sort of freak. A girl who can bring dead men back to life. Whose only acquaintance is a giant bird creature. I must seem ridiculous.

Booker: You just got dealt a bad hand.

Elizabeth: I am not going back to that tower, no matter what happens.

Booker: They won't stop until they have you.

Elizabeth: Why? What did I do to them?

Booker: You frighten them.

Elizabeth: Good.

Brother Love: This is what they want brothers. To keep you so hungry you can't speak but to beg. To keep you so ignorant you can't think of solutions to all your problems. To keep you chasing that almighty silver eagle, so you can buy everything they're selling to keep you down, brothers. But Daisy Fitzroy says there's another way, another way coming real soon.

Elizabeth: These people are like this because of Fink? Maybe Daisy's right. Maybe she should pay him back for all of this.

Booker: Not before she pays us. We're here for guns and then the airship.

Homeless Man 1: Back it up, skel. Thieving bastard.

Booker: I feel better already.

Elizabeth: More money. Here you go.

Homeless Man 2: Come on, come on! Hurry up!

Homeless Woman: Hit it! Hit it harder! Hit it harder!

Elizabeth: There's a tear over there.

Homeless Man 3: Barely making a goddamn dent.

Homeless Man 2: I'm hungry, Bill! Bill's all mine, you worthless tramps. Mine!

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: All right.

Founder Commander: The Vox Populi are the bastard child of the foreigner and the heathen, and like all bastards, we serve it best by smothering it in its crib,

Elizabeth: Booker, there's the impound.

Booker: We're going to have to get through an army to get those tools.

Elizabeth: Salts, take them. Catch, Booker.

Booker: Much obliged.

Elizabeth: I found salts. Here you go!

Booker: Got it. Open it.

Elizabeth: Sure thing. I'll find something soon. Booker, here!

Booker: Perfect timing. Do it, now!

Elizabeth: There you go.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: All right.

Booker: Locked. Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Oh, this won't take long at all. Got it.

Booker: Now.

Elizabeth: There you go.

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Sure thing. I don't have anything. Salts. Take them! There's a Patriot! I'll keep my eyes open for more.

Booker: That one, now!

Elizabeth: Sure thing.

Daisy Fitzroy: They argued some fierce at night, Lady Comstock and the Prophet. Never make out what it was about from my bunk though. After the worst, I see she ain't nothing want to pray. So I cramp upstairs to check in on her. Like a fool I lingered. Scullery May was what they called me when I walked in to Comstock House. Murdered was what they shouted when I ran out.

Elizabeth: There they are, the tools.

Booker: Now we just have to get them back to the Vox, and then we get our airship. Fancy putting those lockpicking skills to work?

Elizabeth: There. Who are we really helping by getting guns for the Vox Populi?

Booker: It's going to help us.

Elizabeth: Daisy can make a change, can't she? Make things better for the people here.

Booker: Sure. Well, we sure as hell aren't going to be able to carry all this back to the shop. God, we didn't think this all the way through. What is that?

Elizabeth: It looks like a tear to another version of this room that doesn't have any tools in it.

Booker: Well, if the tools aren't in there, then...

Elizabeth: Then they must be back at the shop.

Booker: Back at the shop.

Elizabeth: Booker, if we go into this tear, I don't think there's any turning back. Are you sure you want to go now?

Booker: Do it.

Elizabeth: Well, that did something.

Booker: Come on, let's head back to the gunsmith and finish our deal. I aim to be on that airship, and well shut this place before long.

Elizabeth: Booker, if the Vox get their weapons, there's going to be a revolution just like Les Miserables. These people are going to have better lives.

Booker: Yeah.

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