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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 23

Would you kindly check out part 23 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Founder Soldier 1: They're coming, the Vox are coming! Come on, let's go! It's the Vox!

Disturbed Founder: Oh, god. Like it never was... How is it gone?

Elizabeth: Can you feel it? Daisy's moved these people. Things can change, Booker, and we can be a part of it.

Booker: I don't want to be a part of it. Once we get our airship, we'll be well shut of this place.

Elizabeth: I found some money. Want it? Here.

Vox Populi: You, you're Booker DeWitt, the hero of the Vox!

Booker: What the hell are they talking about.

Elizabeth: Look at that poster. In this world, you're a hero.

Booker: I remember I led the Vox. Slate and I burned down the Hall of Heroes.

Elizabeth: Booker, your nose. You're bleeding.

Booker: Hard to think. There's two memories in the same place.

Elizabeth: Booker, come back to me. We're going to find Daisy Fitzroy

Booker: And we're getting out of here on the First Lady. Let's go.

Daisy Fitzroy: Booker DeWitt died for this day. It was he who spoke with one voice of the people. Now is the time to stand true to his cause. Now is the time for Fink to fall! To the factory. Let the mighty be laid low. For the people, for Booker DeWitt, and the true voice! We're going to the factory and we're not just going to burn it down. Only way to be sure is to pull it up from the roots.

Elizabeth: In this world, you were a martyr.

Booker: These folk need a better class of hero. When it comes down to it, the only difference between Comstock and Fitzroy is how you spell the name.

Elizabeth: Booker, sniper!

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: There you go.

Booker: There.

Elizabeth: There. Well, I guess we did it. I don't know if I brought us to a world where the Vox had weapons, or I created one. I'm looking for more. Booker, here!

Booker: Great.

Elizabeth: I'll see what else I can find. No, no. This is not what I mean to have happen.

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: They're dead, Booker.

Booker: Come on, let's leave this place. Let's go to the factory and get our airship. This isn't our responsibility. None of it. You just opened a door to this world and we stepped through.

Elizabeth: Are you sure, Booker? Did I just bring us to a world where Chen Lin was alive, or did I create it? I told you I always thought that my little trick was a form of wish fulfillment. I got my wish.

Booker: Looks like I got a friend in town after all, Slate. He's fell in with these Vox Populi. And for a regular I will say they're loaded for bare. The problem is I got to help them with their damn revolution first. Then we take Comstock House by storm. I do that, I get the girl.

Daisy Fitzroy: The monkey that shovels his coal. If he could feed you hay, he'd feed you hay. If he could bed you down in straw, he'd bed you down in straw. And when your arms get frail and your legs grow weak, they'll bleed you dry, boil off your skin and turn you into chop. Now if you want to be a mule, well, go on and be my guest. But if you want to be a person, well then you best come talk to the Vox.

Booker: Do it.

Elizabeth: Okay. Aim for his gears.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: All right.

Booker: Do it.

Elizabeth: You bet.

Booker: They can't get that door open unless someone takes that airship out.

Elizabeth: Are we volunteering?

Booker: Need to sabotage the engine and bring this thing down. Need to sabotage the engine and bring this thing down. Okay. Now to get off this thing. Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: There you go. Booker, that was amazing.

Booker: Come on, Elizabeth. Let's go find Daisy in the factory.

Vox Populi: The gates are open. Now let's take their heads!

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