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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 25

Would you kindly check out part 25 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Done. Salts! Take them. Booker, catch!

Booker: Thanks. Do it, now!

Elizabeth: Done. Sorry, that's all I've got.

Booker: Do it now.

Elizabeth: There. I've got ammo. Booker, catch.

Booker: Perfect timing. Open it!

Elizabeth: Sure thing. I've got salts. Take it.

Booker: Got it. Go ahead.

Elizabeth: Done. You've done this before, haven't you?

Booker: Do it now.

Elizabeth: Alright. Look at this one. Do you think he wanted any part of this?

Booker: Did you? Locked. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Oh, this won't take long at all.

Booker: What is it about that song that brings in the bird?

Elizabeth: It always has. When I was younger, I used to be excited when I heard it.

Booker: Excited?

Elizabeth: He was all I had. He fed me. Brought me books. He was my friend.

Booker: Friend?

Elizabeth: Until I grew up. And then I hated him. Because he was my warden. But he's just Comstock's pet, isn't he? Just like me. Done. Look at this. Fitzroy's no better than Comstock, was she?

Booker: Once people get their blood up, it ain't easy to settle it down again.

Elizabeth: This is on our hands, isn't it?

Man: What are you doing?

Elizabeth: I found some money, want it? Here. This prophecy business, you don't think anyone can really see the future, do you?

Booker: I saw something once, when I first got here. A dream. It was New York, but larger than any New York I ever saw. It was burning.

Elizabeth: Hope none of the Prophet's magic is rubbing off on you.

Booker: Now.

Elizabeth: Sure thing. Patriot! Kill it!

Booker: Do it now.

Elizabeth: On it! I haven't found anything. Found some money.

Booker: It's locked.

Elizabeth: Seems easy enough. It's done. I just realized who those two are. They, well, at least she invented the technology that allows the city to float.

Booker: Giant balloons?

Elizabeth: Quantum particles, suspended in space time at a fixed height.

Booker: So, not giant balloons?

Elizabeth: But the thing is, my books said they disappeared several years ago.

Robert Lutece: I told you they'd come.

Rosalind Lutece: No, you didn't.

Robert Lutece: Right. I was going to tell you they'd come.

Rosalind Lutece: But you didn't.

Robert Lutece: But I don't.

Rosalind Lutece: You sure that's right?

Elizabeth: Something tells me they're not exactly what they appear.

Robert Lutece: I was going to have told you they'd come?

Rosalind Lutece: No.

Robert Lutece: The subjunctive?

Rosalind Lutece: That's not the subjunctive.

Robert Lutece: I don't think the syntax has been invented yet.

Rosalind Lutece: It would have had to have had been.

Robert Lutece: Had to have had been? That can't be right.

Elizabeth: They seem to want to help.

Booker: They seem to be out of their minds.

Rosalind Lutece: Odd, isn't it?

Robert Lutece: What's odd?

Rosalind Lutece: The fact that we sometimes...

Robert Lutece: Finish each other's sentences?

Rosalind Lutece: Exactly.

Robert Lutece: It would be odder if we didn't.

Elizabeth: How do you suppose they manage that?

Booker: I'll get back to you after I figure out the floating city bit. Come on. Comestock House is up ahead.

Elizabeth: The seed of the Prophet shall sit the throne. He was grooming me, wasn't he?

Booker: Comstock? Yeah, I think so.

Elizabeth: Then why lock me up?

Booker: Well, I'm guessing you didn't want to be groomed. Maybe he had something in the works to make you agreeable.

Elizabeth: Like what?

Booker: I think it's best we don't find out.

Vox Populi: Thought they'd stay on top forever. Ha! Look at them now. What's going on?

Elizabeth: Want to hold on to this?

Booker: Think you can pick this?

Elizabeth: Keep a lookout. All yours.

Vox Radio Announcer: The district's ours. Execute anybody who looks like they'd give us trouble. Anyone with a gun, anybody wearing glasses, round up the rest.

Preston E. Downs: Mr. Comstock, when we next meet it won't be departed. See, I went out to the Hall of Heroes to scalp your False Shepherd for you. It turns out though DeWitt speak soon. He helped me to swap words with this crippled child I'd been looking after. Now after hearing how the kid has fared in your city. I'm thinking when we take your pill, I'll let him hold the knife.

Booker: Elizabeth, a little help?

Elizabeth: Sure thing. Done.

Booker: Locked. Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Let me have a look. All yours. Oh, my god.

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: You bet.

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