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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 26

Would you kindly check out part 26 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Vox Populi 1: Here you go, you sons of bitches! Your homes are ours. Your lives are ours. Your wives are ours.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: All right. I found salts! Take this!

Booker: Great.

Man 1: Come back here!

Elizabeth: That's all I've got!

Man 1: Pigs deserve to die.

Elizabeth: I've got ammo. Booker, here!

Booker: Much obliged.

Man 2: Hunt him down. You see where he went? Don't want to miss you!

Elizabeth: I'm looking. Salts! Here!

Booker: There.

Elizabeth: There!

Man 3: You shall be judged!

Elizabeth: Need money? Take it.

Booker: Got it.


Elizabeth: Come on. Give me something challenging. All done.

Booker: Do it.

Vox Populi 1: I'll get him.

Vox Populi 2: Like hell!

Vox Populi 1: Dibs on his boots.

Vox Populi 2: Ha! Dibs on the girl!

Booker: There!

Elizabeth: Done!

Man 4: I will die here! Come back here!

Elizabeth: Those turnstiles are one way. Should we check out the bookstore before we leave?

Announcement: A carnival of thrills, at your disposal.

Booker: Can you open this?

Elizabeth: It's done.

Announcement: Electricity. Nonsense, nonsense.

Recording: Brother, what Comstock failed to understand is that our contraption is a window not into prophecy, but probability. But his money means the Lutece Field could become the Lutece Tear, a window between worlds. A window through which you and I might finally be together.

Man 5: . . . be useful.

Man 6: Right up your ass!

Ronald Frank: Sally! The bastard snuck in while the Vox was shooting up the place and took my girl! Got her locked up the Salty Oyster, his hidden closet he keeps all his treasures. Just need to hit the button under the register to open it with.

[inaudible 00:07:20]

[inaudible 00:07:29]

Man 7: Get him out [inaudible 00:07:38]

Elizabeth: Oh my God.

[inaudible 00:08:05]

Man 8: I see him! Butcher you.

Elizabeth: These lock when we pass through. We won't be able to return.

Booker: Can you open this?

Elizabeth: It's a simple dual-dial lock. My books said most fools keep the combination no more than 20 feet away.

Booker: Let's hope we find one of those fools.

This might be it.

Why were you so keen on lock-picking and code-breaking?

Elizabeth: If you put a person in a cage, they develop an interest in such things.

Booker: I suppose so.

Elizabeth: And I won't be locked up again, Book-

Booker: Elizabeth. Elizabeth, you-

Elizabeth: Promise me.

Booker: I will stop him.

Elizabeth: No. That is an oath you cannot keep. But promise me, that if it comes to it, you will not let him take me back.

Booker: It won't come to that. All right?

Elizabeth: Look! The Vox are tearing this place apart.

Man 9: You see him?

Booker: Now!

Elizabeth: Done!

Booker: Open it!

Elizabeth: You bet!

Man 10: Stop! Hold him there!

Man 11: He lies! They lie. They all lie!

Elizabeth: He's got a flak cannon!

Man 12: Knock him out!

Man 13: He'll string you up!

Booker: Open it!

Elizabeth: On it!

Man 14: Corner him!

Man 15: One shot for me!

Elizabeth: I can't find anything.

Booker: Do it! Now!

Elizabeth: There!

I see a Handyman!

Robot: Get you for what you did to me!

Booker: There!

Elizabeth: On it!

Booker: Open it!

Elizabeth: Done!

Booker: Open it!

Elizabeth: All right!

Man 16: I don't see anything!

Man 17: I'll take it!

Elizabeth: Over there! Flak cannon!

I found ammo! You need this!

Booker: Much obliged.

Do it!

Elizabeth: Sure thing!

Booker: There!

Elizabeth: You bet!

That's it.

Booker: There! That one!

Elizabeth: All right!

Robot: Coward!

Elizabeth: I'll find something soon.

Man 18: Corner him!

Elizabeth: Found some salts!

Sorry, that's all I've got.

Booke: It's locked.

Elizabeth: Okay.


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