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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 27

Would you kindly check out part 27 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Elizabeth: We need to get to Comstock house Booker. Let's head back outside.

Booker: Need a lockpick.

Elizabeth: That will take about a minute. It's done.

Rosalind: I have trapped the atom in mid air, colleagues called my new test field quantum levitation. But in fact it was nothing in the sort, magicians levitate. My atom simply failed to fall, if an atom could be suspended indefinitely. Well, why not an apple, if an apple why not a city.

Booker: Got a lock here. back there at the shop, what you asked me to do...

Elizabeth: Let's not discuss it.

Booker: No, what did that thing do to you?

Elizabeth: If he were to take me back, that's death. Mr. DeWitt. Or something so like it, I can not tell the difference.

Narrator: Press to generate a magnetic shield! Hold to absorb damage and release to throw it back! Hold and release to create an explosive trap!

Elizabeth: Oh. I think there's a lockpick over there.

Narrator: Press to lunge at enemies, delivering a tornado blow! Hold and release to build up a more devastating tornado blow!

Elizabeth: More money. Catch.

Man 1: You are not going anywhere. Put it in your brain.

Booker: Think you can crack this one open?

Elizabeth: Come on, give me something challenging. All yours.

Man 1: Attack!

Elizabeth: Sniper! Get down!

Booker: Now.

Elizabeth: There!

Booker: There!

Elizabeth: All right!

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: There you go!

Man 2: You're not going anywhere.

Booker: Now.

Elizabeth: Done! Sorry! You look hurt. Take this!

Booker: Thanks. Do it now!

Elizabeth: On it!

Booker: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: There you go! My eyes open for more.

Man 2: You need to die!

Elizabeth: Go on without me.

Vox Populi: Yes, yes. More of your finest...

Man 3: Silence you Vox. There's no way out.

Elizabeth: Found some money. Catch Mr. Dewitt.

Lady Comstock: Tonight, the profit went against his political enemies. He preaches mercy but 40 souls lie tonight dead in unmarked graves. The man was ever unworthy of grace, who would be my husband. But when I But when I was be on redemption, he offered it anyway. How can I deny forgiveness to one who was love granted it to me.

Elizabeth: What a waste. How's the city going to come back from this?

Booker: Maybe it shouldn't.

Machine: Do not fear the shame!

Booker: There.

Elizabeth: All right!

Man 3: anyone see him? Surround him.

Booker: Go ahead.

Elizabeth: On it!

Booker: There, that one!

Elizabeth: Done!

Man 4: Holly... my head.

Elizabeth: You know I... I keep thinking about that dream that you had, New York on fire. There's something about it.

Booker: Hmm.

Elizabeth: More money. Here. Beyond that gate lies Comstock house.

Automaton: Lady Comstock, how lovely to see you! Wonderful of you to make the journey, especially considering your painful death 19 years ago.

Booker: Lady Comstock?

Elizabeth: The dress, the thing has mistaken me for my mother.

Automaton: Your fingerprints do not seem to be your own today lady Comstock. Are you unwell?

Booker: This isn't going to work.

Elizabeth: I think it can.

Booker: Your mother is dead Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Yes, I think it's time I paid my respects. Let's head to where she's buried.

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