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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 3

Would you kindly check out part 3 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Do it now.

Elizabeth: Okay. Still nothing.

Monster: You will share my fate!

Elizabeth: What could this place have to do with my mother? Odd.

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: Done. I need more time to look! Catch!

Booker: That'll do!

Elizabeth: Salts!

Soldier 1: Smoke him out.

Elizabeth: That's all I have. Still looking. You're hurt! Take this!

Booker: Nice!

Elizabeth: Fifty percent.

Booker: What's that?

Elizabeth: Fifty percent of everything people earn here goes right to Comstock as a tithe.

Booker: I got to get me a job in the prophet business. Need some help with this.

Elizabeth: No problem. Got it. Booker, a lockpick. Grab it.

Booker: The footsteps seem to go down the vault.

Elizabeth: Booker, look. There's a cipher written on the stationery.

Booker: Hudsons Tailors.

Elizabeth: Maybe that's where the code book is. Here's some cash. I need more time! You need salts! Need money? Okay. Catch. Hey, there's a lockpick over there.

Booker: I know you're there.

Fink: And if I do this, this sabotage, all their parents?

Mansfield: All of them, Mr. Fink.

Fink: Now, why does the Prophet want these two killed?

Mansfield: For the same reason Lady Comstock lies buried, the child.

Fink: And why does he want me to do it?

Mansfield: Because only you can make it seem an accident.

Elizabeth: I don't think that's the real Lady Comstock. I think she's a combination of herself and my feelings towards her.

Booker: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: I'm just so angry, at her, and at my father. I think she's her but she's also partly me. I'm not even sure I understand it myself.

Comstock: The Archangel tells me that Columbia will only survive so long as my line sits the throne. Yet Lady Comstock produces no child! I have done all that a man can do yet there is no child! I have asked Lutece about the matter. But even she refuses to help.

Booker: Can you open this, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Let me have a look. Done.

Woman's voice: Liar, liar, lie!

Elizabeth: I haven't found anything! I found ammo! Take this!

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