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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 5

Would you kindly check out part 5 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Elizabeth PA: Our minds are born festering with sin. Some are so blighted, they will never find redemption. The mind must be pulled up from the roots. My children are without blame, without fault, and without choice. For what is the value of will if the spirit is found wanting?

Comstock: Child, would you like to pray with me?

Elizabeth: They're hurting me. Please, just let me go.

Comstock: We're going to cure you.

Elizabeth: I'm not sick.

Comstock: Your spirit is. All I ever wanted was to see you live up to your potential.

Dr. Pettifog: I'm Dr. Pettifog, Elizabeth, and I'll be taking care of you.

Elizabeth: Get away from me.

Dr. Pettifog: Defiant, even after all this time. DeWitt just left you here. You need to give up on him, love.

Elizabeth: He will come.

Dr. Pettifog: The specimen needs to be destroyed. We couldn't even hold her in that tower. And now the Prophet . . .

Dr. Powell: Destroy the lamb, his heir?

Dr. Pettifog: If we modify the procedure, we could . . . It would be safer for everyone. It would seem an accident.

Soldier: Drop the weapon!

Soldier: Come on, come on!

Soldier: I'll tear your head off!

Soldier: Got to reload.

Soldier: Keep firing!

Soldier: Cut him off!

Soldier: Keep shooting!

Soldier: I'll cut your heart out.

Soldier: I see him!

Elizabeth PA: And what did the Lord receive in return for his gifts? Eve and her apple? Sodom and Gomorrah? Humanity wrote a bad check and the flood was the only way to settle accounts. For what is Columbia, if not a different Ark, in a different time?

Comstock: The child is ready. It's time.

Dr. Powell: Prophet, even if we cure her, why do you think she'll do what you ask?

Comstock: My daughter has two problems, doctor. One is the condition your science will cure her of. The other affliction is of a spiritual nature.

Dr. Pettifog: What affliction is that?

Comstock: Hope.

Dr. Pettifog: Your surgery is tomorrow, you know. You better eat. You still expect DeWitt to burst in and rescue you, don't you? It's been six months.

Booker: Six months?

Elizabeth Audio Log: Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. But in the end, he is the one who'll have to pay down all of our accounts, won't he? Where does his guilt start and mine end?

Elizabeth PA: A man once promised me he would free me of my chains. But in the end, he abandoned me to serve his own needs. But in some ways, I thank him. He showed me exactly how much faith our species deserved. God put his faith in men once, too. It seems that we have something in common. Disappointment. I did not always love the Prophet. In truth, I ran from his embrace. I even denied that I was his. I followed a man who seemed to be everything my father was not. But that man was a False Shepherd. And when the wolves came for me, he was nowhere to be found.

Elizabeth Audio Log: As the days pass, I believe less in God and more in Lutece. My powers shrivel as my regrets blossom. All of this because my father failed me. By the time I realized how far I'd gone, it was too late . . .

Booker: There's the switch.

Elizabeth Audio Log: . . . to stop it. But there's still one last chance at redemption, for both of us.

Booker: Should be able to head downstairs and get to Elizabeth now.

Soldier: Stop him!

Elizabeth PA: I am here to finish my father's work. As he baptized me with water, I shall baptize the Sodom Below with fire and prepare it for . . .

Soldier: Got this guy covered!

Elizabeth PA: . . . the coming of the Lord.

Soldier: Get after him!

Soldier: Move in on him!

Soldier: Shoot him!

Elizabeth PA: Are we worth saving if we will not save ourselves? There will be no salvation . . .

Soldier: Don't make me hunt you!

Elizabeth PA: . . . until the fire floods the cities and covers the plains. Once this world has been born again . . .

Soldier: Halt!

Elizabeth PA: . . . a million others wait their turn.

Soldier: Keep shooting!

Elizabeth PA: Baptism is the rebirth of the spirit. But sometimes the mind gets in the way. If the mind will not yield, then you must expose the mind to every version of itself. Either the mind will yield or be reduced to a blank.

Elizabeth Audio Log: Tomorrow the leash comes off because all of this has to end. But even if I destroy the Siphon, will I be strong enough to see all the doors and open whichever I choose? And if I bring him here, who is to say he would be any match for the monsters I have created?

Elizabeth: Please! I don't understand!

Booker: Elizabeth, hold tight!

What? It's a tear. What is it . . .

Robert: Why do you ask, "what?"

Rosalind: When the delicious question is, "when?"

Robert: Lives, lived, will live

Rosalind: Dies, died, will die.

Elizabeth: As you can see, Booker, the lunatics are running the asylum. They don't even listen to me anymore. All I can do is watch as what I set into motion slides into its terminal stage. It took all I had left in me just to bring you here.

Booker: Elizabeth. I don't understand. I heard you screaming. I was coming to get you. Are we . . .

Elizabeth: Here. Take my hand.

"The seed of the Prophet shall sit the throne and drown in flame the mountains of man." Say what you will about Comstock. He was a hell of a fortune-teller. It wasn't the torture that broke me. It wasn't the indoctrination. It was time. Time rots everything, Booker. Even hope.

Booker: I was coming.

Elizabeth: Songbird. He always stops you.

Booker: Yes, but I would find a way.

Elizabeth: No. It's too late for me. I brought you here for your sake. Yours and hers. Here.

Booker: What is this?

Elizabeth: It's for her. She'll know how to read it.

Booker: What does it say?

Elizabeth: It's advice.

Booker: Advice on what?

Elizabeth: How not to become me.

Booker: I'm back. 1912, before she . . . There's still time. Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: No!

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