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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Part 6

Would you kindly check out part 6 of our walkthrough for BioShock Infinite, the new first person shooter by Irrational Games?


Booker: Elizabeth!

Dr. Powell: You two men upstairs. If she gets ornery, just hit her with the machines.

Booker: Comstock! What are you doing to her? Let her be!

Comstock: Mr. DeWitt, what's the expression, 'day late and a dollar short'.

Booker: I got to get in there. Maybe if I shut down those machines from upstairs.

Soldier: Over there!

Dr. Pettifog: Can't we give her something to quiet her down?

Dr. Powell: Well, the Prophet said part of the procedure is pain.

Dr. Pettifog: When the body cries out, the spirit is listless.

Comstock: Can you hear that screaming DeWitt? That's the start of your interference. You have led my daughter into temptation.

Booker: She is not your daughter!

Comstock: Perhaps not now. But trust me when I tell you she will be.

Soldier: There he is! Come on, come on.

Dr. Powell: He's shut down one of the generators.

Dr. Pettifog: If we don't sedate her and he shuts down the other one...

Dr. Powell: We're not sedating her!

Dr. Pettifog: He shut down the other siphon!

Dr. Powell: She's getting up.

Dr. Pettifog: She's...

Dr. Powell: No!

Booker: Elizabeth, I'll be right there! I got you, it's okay. Okay. I'm going to fix this. You ready?

Elizabeth: Just do it. Help me with this.

Booker: I think someone meant for you to have this.

Elizabeth: What is it?

Booker: Just read it.

Elizabeth: Your dream of New York happens. And it's me, I'm the one who...

Booker: She's given us a way to get past Songbird. We're going to find an airship and we'll leave...

Elizabeth: Booker.

Booker: ...Paris, Elizabeth. Remember you wanted to go to...

Elizabeth: We're not leaving. We are going to find Comstock.

Booker: Why?

Elizabeth: You saw what he turns me into. I will not allow that.

Booker: And so what? You're going to kill him?

Elizabeth: Is this where you start moralizing, Booker? You forget, I know you.

Booker: I'm not going to let you kill him.

Elizabeth: Really, Booker? What are you going to do to stop me?

Booker: Not a damn thing. Because I'm going to do it for you. All right. Now to find the Prophet.

Elizabeth: Comstock's zeppelin is outside. The Hand of the Prophet, he calls it.

Booker: When did you learn that?

Elizabeth: I've been here for a while.

Booker: How long?

Elizabeth: Long enough.

Booker: Can you open this, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Looks simple enough. I hope Comstock got what he wanted from me. Because he's not going to have long to use it. This doesn't make any sense. Everything here is a cipher that I understand except for this symbol. It's a cage. Did she say anything about this?

Booker: No.

Elizabeth: Look! It's the Hand of the Prophet. Comstock's flagship. We've got to find a way on board.

Booker: Stay here. I'll handle this.

Elizabeth: We're doing this together or I'm doing it alone. Either way, I need to know the thing's been done.

Comstock: Oh, DeWitt. You struggle against prophecy like a stone loosed from a sling. How thrilling the launch. How breathtaking the apex! And how terrifying the descent as gravity drags you down into the inevitable.

Elizabeth: All yours.

Booker: What's that sound?

Elizabeth: Look! Take cover!

Booker: Open it.

Elizabeth: On it! They must be duds.

Booker: Those aren't duds. They're...

Comstock: Look around you, Elizabeth. I built all of this for you!

Elizabeth: Flat cannon!

Comstock: You are my hair and my blood. And what has DeWitt ever done for you? To him, you are now what you always were, a means to an end.

Elizabeth: I'm out! Salts, Booker!

Booker: Open it!

Elizabeth: All right!

Booker: Now!

Elizabeth: Sure thing! I found salts. Booker, look. It's a shuttle that can take us to the Hand of the Prophet. I can't find anything!

Automaton driver: This ship is set to return to the Hand of the Prophet.

Elizabeth: More money. Take this.

Automaton driver: I am waiting your order to proceed. Right you are. We depart to the Hand of the Prophet.

Elizabeth: Do you think it's possible to redeem the kind of things that we've done?

Booker: Redeem? I don't see much use in that.

Elizabeth: Booker, are you afraid of God?

Booker: No. But I'm afraid of you.

Elizabeth: Over there. It's Comstock's men. They're coming out to meet us.

Comstock's man: That's enough! Whose side are you on?

Elizabeth: Booker, another gunship on the left. He's got rockets! Booker, look it's the Vox. They're coming to attack the flagship. I'm out! Look out! More of them! Take this, hurry! You need this!

Booker: That I'll do.

Elizabeth: Watch out! On the right! Here! Ammo! Okay, catch!

Booker: Thanks.

Elizabeth: That's all I have. There he is. We need to land below and fight our way up to him.

Booker: Or we can just fly this thing to Paris.

Elizabeth: Just drop me off if you want to. This isn't your problem, Booker.

Booker: I won't abandon you.

Elizabeth: You wouldn't, would you?

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