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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out part 1 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the INTRO.


Bandit: Romeo One, Romeo Two. Burnout is complete, over.

NAX: Warning. Security breach in sector Beta Two Niner.

Bandit: Romeo two... They know you're... the go...

Psycho: Shit. We need to hurry up, go on. Hack it remotely, come on.

Prophet: What the hell are we walking into?

Psycho: This is CELL's home-front. They've got about one maybe two thousand...

Prophet: And the Ceph?

Psych: Come off it mate. The aliens are finished, you should know that by now.

Cell 3: They're in there!

Cell 4: Get this door opened!

Psycho: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Prophet: Come on Psycho let's move!

Cell 3: Come on! Just break that shit!

Psycho: Show me your face. You cut me out of my fucking suit. Now show me your face!

Prophet: Psycho! Let's go!

Psycho: I will find you, I will fucking find you! You're awake when they cut you out, you know. A lot of the lads died screaming, there hearts gave up from the shock. Ah, fuck it. Come on. Let's go. Okay, I'll give you cover. Let's link up on the far side.

NAX: All sector alert. Fugitives are crossing the perimeter. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Cell 1: Push across the bridge, watch your sectors!

Cell 2: Roger!

Cell 3: Huh? What's that? I'll check it out!

Cell 1: Oh shit! Shit! They're here, call it in!

Cell 2: Actual, Two Four. HVT is at the bridge area Five Delta Six. Need backup, over!

NAX: Warning. Fugitives located. All security details to perimeter bridge.

Psycho: That just made my job a little bit harder.

Cell 1: Bravo, move out!

Cell 5: The entity known as Prophet. You have breached lock down protocol, stand down immediately or you will be destroyed.

Cell 1: Cover me!

Cell 2: Okay, move.

Cell 5: The entity known as Prophet. That's you asshole! We have you in our sights. Stand down now or I will destroy you! We will hunt you down, Prophet!

Psycho: Hold on, be there in a second.

NAX. Warning. All units to Area Five Delta Six.

Psycho: Bollocks, change of plan.

Prophet: You sure you can handle this from your side?

Psycho: Piss of, I don't need a fucking dive suit. Push forward and we'll link up further down, okay?

Prophet: Roger that.

Psycho: Moving out.

Cell 6: You hear that?

NAX: Warning Security breach in sector Delta Five Niner.

Cell 4: Bravo, get moving.

Cell 3: We're being hunted.

Cell 4: He went invisible.

Prophet: Psycho, moving to the next area. Psycho?

Psycho: Yeah, copy that.

Cell 1: He's blown past condition 3 security, stay sharp.

Cell 2: This is fucked up, we need more shooters. There's nothing behind us, he gets past us he's in the dome.

Cell 3: I got it.

NAX: Warning. Security breach in sector Delta Seven Niner.

Cell 4: Move up and find him. That fancy cloak won't save you asshole!

Cell 1: Move forward, I'm going to smoke him out. Fire!

Cell 2: We got a man down!

Psycho: Almost there.

Prophet: Psycho, I'm through.

Psycho: Yeah, I copy. Meet me at the tower elevator.

Cell 5: Get to cover, the fucking turret is targeting...

Psycho: Let's go! Once we get inside we'll RV with my people.

Prophet: You have people now?

Psycho: You know me, I've always been a team player. I'm not going anywhere until you give me some answers.

Prophet: Yeah, I remember.

Psycho: Most of them are debt slaves. CELL owns our energy, all of it. You can't pay your bills, you have to work it off. Of course, you never do that's the beauty of it. You get stuck in that work away debt scheme for life. There's no other choice. Well there is one, you fight. Here, let me show you what CELL have been up to while you've been sleeping. Maybe you'll understand then. Welcome to New York Version Two Point Zero.

Prophet: What have they done? The city has an energy signature, why is that?

Psycho: It's CELL, they're channeling energy for alien technology. Running their entire global power grid of a single Ceph machine inside this dome.

Prophet: It can't be that simple.

Psycho: It really is mate. You kill the power, you kill CELL, simple as you like.

Prophet. No, the Alpha Ceph showed me a vision. We've been through this before, there's got to be a connection somehow.

Psycho: Prophet, the aliens are gone. You finished them off yourself, just a few waifs and strays left.

Prophet: No! There's something more. If we can just find a hint somewhere here, a clue.

Psycho: Listen, while you were off hunting some super alien that didn't even exist, CELL were busy taking over the world. We need you back in the here and now boss. We need you to help us stop CELL.

Prophet: There's more than your revolution going on here. I've seen this, CELL are toying with powers they can't begin to understand. Whatever they're doing, it's going to bring about the end of the world. We have to shut them down.

Psycho: Fucking right we do. Let's get moving.

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