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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Red Star Rising

Check out part 11 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the Red Star Rising mission.


Psycho: Keep it down for fuck's sake. We need to go around

Cell 1: Sierra Two. Get in position now!

Cell 6: Sierra Three sealing off west tunnel.

Psycho: You think they heard that?

Cell 2: Sierra Two in position.

Cell 1: Anyone got eyes on? Call it in!

Psycho: Okay, let's meet on the other side.

Cell 6: Sierra Three. Negative.

Psycho: I don't think they heard that.

Cell 1: Stay frosty. These fuckers took out one of our towers. Ain't nobody done that before.

Cell 3: Turret's compromise. Throwing EMP.

Cell 1: Hold on, we're going left.

Cell 2: Come on face us, pussy!

Cell 1: Holly shit! What was that?

Cell 2: I'm hit.

Cell 4: lock him down!

Psycho: I got your back Prophet.

Cell 6: They're up there!. Man down! Man down! Damn! Nail him.

Cell 5: Any units alive? Shit! Shit!

Psycho: I guess they heard us. What the fuck happened here? Check their black boxes. find out how they died. I'm going topside, see what's going on.

Rebel 6: Sir?

Rebel 3: Holy fuck! Fire! Fire!

Cell 1: Fan out!

Cell 3: Out of the grass, move! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Cell 2: What was that?

Cell 6: Holy shit!

Cell 4: Stand down, it's nothing.

Cell 3: Listen.

Cell 4: You hear that?

Suite Voice: Nano-vision enabled.

Prophet: Psycho, I've seen what's been attacking us.

Psycho: Yeah, I know stalkers. Tell me about it, this isn't going to plan.

Prophet: The Ceph...

Psycho: Like I said, just waifs and strays out of hiding because we blew up CELL's defense tower.

Prophet: Maybe you're right. They're behaving like animals. No hive intelligence. So where is the Alpha Ceph?

Psycho: Save it, I'm boxed in by stalkers and CELL. Cut through the Engine Shed and meet me topside.

NAX: Critical threat. Xenoceph presence reported in Penn Station area.

Cell 5: Watch your spacing.

Cell 6: Roger.

Cell 5: Hitman actual, Hitman Four Six. we are Delta Two Zero now break. Do we have any updates on enemy movements, over?

Cell 6: Fuck the updates.

Cell Commander: Negative Hitman, situation is unchanged. Stalker activity increasing, rebel forces as indicated. HVT-Prophet moving through sector, how copy?

Cell 5: Good copy.

Cell 6: I think I see something.

Cell 5: Target found!

Cell 4: Surround him.

Cell 3: I got your back.

Cell 4: Frag out!

Suite Voice: Cloak engaged.

Cell 4: Fire in the hole!

Cell 2: What was that?

Cell 4: Shoot him!

Cell 3: Bravo move up! Move up!

Cell 2: Fire team compromise. We need more support!

Cell 3: I shot down the turret, let's move out!

Cell 2: No contact, let's keep looking. Check everywhere.

Cell 3: Huh? What that?

Cell 2: Send reinforcements!

Cell 1: The turret is hostile!

Cell 2: Fire in the hole!

NAX: Critical threat. Xenoceph presence detected in sectors Two Delta One through Five.

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