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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 12 - Only Human

Check out part 12 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the Only Human mission.


Cell 1: There! Right there!

Cell 2: They're behind you! Behind you!

Cell 1: Fall back! Fall back!

Cell 2: Were's fire support?

Cell 6: They're all gone!

Cell 1: Actual, Outbreak Three Three! Alamo! Alamo! Alamo!

Cell Commander: Roger that Three. All available CAS inbound, over.

Prophet: Psycho, something's disrupting my HUD. I'm going to see if I can get a fix on it.

Psycho: Roger...

Suit Voice: Enemy nano-suit general detected.

NAX: Warning. Multiple casualties reported in sector Two Delta One through Five. Threat level is now elevated. Trauma care required in sectors Two Delta One through Five. Combat medic teams respond immediately. Warning. This area is now under quarantine. All lifeforms will be terminated immediately.

Psycho: You hear me Prophet? I can't see the enemy. All I got is movement in the grass, I'm holding a secure position on the bluff but it's only a matter of time before I'm overrun.

Prophet: Copy that. Headed your way to take some of the heat off.

NAX: Critical threat. Xenoceph presence detected in sectors Two Delta One through Five. Critical Threat. Xenoceph presence detected in sectors Two Delta One through Five.

Psycho: Come out and play you bastards! I need a minute to figure out an exfil' plan. Romeo Actual, Romeo One. Exit route Bravo is a no go, please advise. No alternative? Who the fuck are you? No, no, no. I do not want to talk to you. Shut it! Get Claire on the line. No, I want Claire. Oh, fuck it, go on. Improvise? What the fucking hell do you mean improvise? Where's your plan B? Okay, so there's a tunnel. You think it'll take us to Broad Street. And you're sure about that, are you Sunshine?

NAX: Warning. All personnel in Sector Two Delta Three evacuate immediately. NP2 cleansing units are in route.

Psycho: Shit, CELL are calling in the napalm choppers. Prophet, I got us an exit. Let's get out of here before CELL turns us into roast potatoes.

NAX: Critical threat. Insurgent activity detected in sector Two Delta Six.

Psycho: Oh, that's just fucking brilliant! Typical HQ bullshit.

Prophet: I can't open up that tunnel.

Psycho: Yeah? Well I fucking can, come on.

NAX: Critical threat. Insurgent activity continuing in sector Two Delta Six.

Psycho: Give it a push.

Prophet: Psycho, this train is full of highly explosive material.

Psycho: Yep. Oh yeah.

Prophet: This is your plan?

Psycho: Yeah! Come on you bastards. Yeah! Yes!

Prophet: Come on!

Psycho: I'm all right, Just go! Shit! Armor!

Prophet: Psycho, down!

Psycho: Well I don't know about you, but I'd call that fucking flawless. Shit. Sweetheart, it's your number one soldier on the line. Open a window to the safe-house, ETA 10 minutes.

Claire: Romeo One, Romeo Actual. You will maintain radio protocol. Now bring that hardware home, over and out.

Psycho: Let's go.

Prophet: What a hard-ass.

Psycho: Listen, she's all right when you get to know her. Just don't mention the visions, okay?

Prophet: Psycho, why does she keep calling me hardware?

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