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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 14 - Only Human

Check out part 14 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the Only Human Mission.


Claire: Romeo One, clear to proceed to the Nexus. I'm logging the hardware's explosive exfiltration as unpredictable and flat-out insane.

Prophet: My name is Prophet.

Claire: You don't have a name. People have names. You have a call sign and a goddamned serial number.

Prophet: And without me, you don't have a goddamned chance, so we both make the best of it. I need a SITREP.

Claire: Roger that. CELL's high altitude defense system is completely off-line, but it's not over. In fact, it's probably going to get worse.

Psycho: CELL's in full retreat, but they'll hole up at the Nexus base. CELL will probably try and turn this whole area into a kill-zone. Watch out.

Cell 5: Okay! they're pulling guys out of the water everywhere northeast of the dam...what's left of the dam. Sweep the area. I want bodies on dry land. Check for vitals. Resuscitate if you can.

Cell 6: What? We're first responders now?

Cell 5: Yes, you fucking are! Now Prophet is still the primary threat. If you see him, call it in. We got QRF teams itching to rip him a new one.

Psycho: You hear that?

Soldier: Stand down.

Soldier 2: It's nothing.

Soldier: What's going on here?

Cell 5: There he is! The asshole who blew the dam!

Blacktail actual, HVT in Beta Six! Beta Six!

Psycho: Claire...Romeo Actual. Romeo One. I'm in...still in a lockdown situation here, in the lift. Need assistance returning to HQ.

Claire: Romeo One, suck it up. We've got more pressing matters right now.

Prophet: You're right, Psycho. She does grow on you. Think I'm starting to like her.

Psycho: Bollocks.

Claire: Romeo One, your primary target is in sight. The System X device is secured in a harvesting facility several hundred meters below ground level. But the control system is located directly above. You'll need to find a way up.

NAX: Threat of total system failure. Evacuate all civilian staff within a fifteen mile radius.

Claire: Romeo One, situation critical. CELL continues to operate the Nexus without power for the stabilization matrix. The whole thing could implode at any moment. We're initiating Operation Jackhammer. Bring the power output under control, so System X can be safely shut down.

Prophet: Roger that.

Cell 5: Stand to assholes! Prophet is inbound. If he shuts down System X, we are dead. The rebels will be all over us, and you know how much payback they want.

Cell 3: Do not let him into the perimeter.

Soldier: Get out there and let [inaudible 00:06:04]

NAX: Warning. Emergency power is offline.

Soldier: Man down! Man down!

What is it? Wear it down! [inaudible 00:07:16]

NAX: Systemic Threat. Safety valves in harvesting facility are no longer operational.

Primary: Execute Operation Jackhammer to prevent Nexus destabilization.

Cell 5: Shit! He's there! Prophet's right there!

Cell 6: Oversight! Oversight! This is Blacktail Niner. QRF! QRF! Over.

Soldier: Try again! Throw an EMP! [inaudible 00:07:55]

[inaudible 00:08:04]

Claire: Romeo One, you're approaching the harvesting facility. Locate the two power alternators. I need you to close them off fast, so we can safely shut down the Nexus.

NAX: Warning. Registering unstable energy output levels in generators five, eight and nine. Catastrophic threat. Stabilization matrix is offline. Catastrophic threat. Stabilization matrix is offline. Nexus power output now within maximum safe operating perimeters.

Claire: Okay, Romeo One. Let's shut System X down for good.

NAX: Warning: Kill turret deployed.

Prophet: There's something about this place, the visions.

Claire: The energy fields around the System X device aggravate the mesial temporal areas of the brain. We've witnessed hallucinations, feeling of déjà vu, false memories, sometimes even full dissociative identity disorders.

Prophet: I'm not crazy. The visions are predictions, not hallucinations.

Claire: Whatever you say, Romeo One. Just stay on mission.

Soldier: You hear that?

Soldier 2: I'll take a look. Cover me! Stand down! It's nothing.

Stand down! Man down!

Psycho: This is it! Shut the bastards down!

Resch: Thank you, Prophet. Thank you. Today we shall rise up and throw off our chains. This is the first day of our freedom!

Prophet: Psycho, I'm in. Hacking the CELL security overrides now.

NAX: Emergency power shutdown system request. Emergency power shutdown. Release control rod to shut down system. Emergency shutdown in effect. Switching to backup generators. Projecting System X containment view. Warning! System X containment failed.

Prophet: What?! No, they couldn't have been that stupid. The Alpha Ceph!

NAX: Warning! System X containment breach in progress. Releasing controlled implosion. Protocol failed. Facility self-destruct in five, four...

Prophet: Shit!

Nax: Three, two, one.

Psycho: Prophet, you okay?

Prophet: Yeah.

Psycho: That was fucking awesome! We've done it!

Prophet: No, we haven't. System X...their energy source was the Alpha Ceph.

Psycho: Oh fuck me! If your visions are real, does that mean it's end of the world time?

Prophet: No, it means the bastard's out in the open. It means I can kill him.

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