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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 15 - Gods and Monsters

Check out part 15 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the Gods and Monsters mission.


Claire: I just scraped this from CELL's databanks. Looks like we just broke out their biggest secret. That creature was the source of CELL's energy.

Prophet: The alpha-ceph, he's way more powerful than I expected. When I was near him I saw things the ceph didn't want me to see. If they can get into my head, maybe I can get into theirs and find a weakness. Psycho, you know the suit cradle nearby?

Psycho: Yeah, at the skinning lab where CELL held me.

Prophet: Let's link up there in 30 mikes.

Claire: Be careful in there Michael. There are some things you can never forgive.

Cell 1: We just deployed the in the swamp. Affirmative, moving to sector.

Cell 5: All quiet. You hear that?

Suit voice: Nanovision enabled.

Cell 3: All clear over here.

Cell 5: False alarm.

Cell 2: Understood, resume perimeter sweep. No visible target. Moving to next checkpoint.

Cell 5: Is something there? Must be nothing.

Cell 4: Damn it, where did he go?

Cell 3: Clear.

Cell 2: Clear over here too.

Cell 1: No, no sign of Prophet. Call it in.

Cell 2: Blacktail Actual, this is Blacktail Niner, Delancey Four Alpha is clear. Moving to the next quadrant, over.

Cell Commander: Negative Blacktail Niner. Condition Red Star Rising has been initiated by NAX, over.

Cell 2: Red Star Rising, please confirm that this is not a mistake, over.

Cell Commander: Confirmed, Red Star Rising has been set over.

Cell 1: No, shit, shit, shit! What are they thinking? Red Star Rising? What's wrong with them?

Cell 2: I don't know. Screw Prophet! Let's get out of here. Hey!

Cell 1: What about Stieber?

Cell 2: Fuck him! He'll catch up.

Prophet: You heard of this Red Star Rising Psycho?

Psycho: No, never.

Prophet: CELL don't spook easily. Find out what you can, we'll meet up at the rendezvous.

Psycho: This is a complete mess. Rasch and Claire are offline. You need to solo this while I figure out what's going on.

Suit Voice: Cloak engaged. Cloak engaged.

Cell 1: Gundog oversight this Gundog one.

Cell 2: All quiet in Alpha Five quadrant, over.

Cell 1: Roget that. Gundog oversight. Switching primary target, area is now a hot zone.

Psycho: Got word of an ironhorse disabled near your location. Those are their intel runners, must be taking their dirty secrets to the shredder. Prophet, if you can get eyes on that intel, I might be able to find out who tortured me.

Cell 6: What's that Kiel?

Kiel: It's nothing.

Cell 7: Move forward, we got a smoky mountain.

Cell 8: He's gone.

Cell 7: Secure the area.

Cell 8: Close in on him.

Psycho: They're sending an escort for that intel. You don't have long to intercept. Not like it's important or anything, but finding out who tortured me would resolve several personal issues I have.

Cell Commander: Listen up, the mortars will smash every atom in his body. Get down there and clean up the mess. I want all eyes on that golden circle. You spot anything moving, you blow it the fuck apart. No mercy!

Cell 4: Yes sir.

Cell 2: Check everywhere.

Cell 3: Clear over here.

Cell 4: Show yourself!

Cell 1: Okay, torrent is down. Now get Prophet.

Cell 2: Get up there and find him.

Cell 3: Good to go.

Cell 2: Overwatch, dropping who's here. Everyone is dead.

Cell 1: Search the last point of contact.

Cell 2: You want to play hide and seek? Show yourself!

Cell 5: All right, he's not here.

Cell 7: Let's shut down the torrents. Let's move out!

Cell 8: That fancy coat won't save you, asshole!

Cell 1: Spread out and search the area!

Cell 2: You can't hide forever Prophet, we'll find you!

Cell Commander: What's going on here?

Cell 9: I'll take a look.

Psycho: CELL have secured the intel. Guess we're never going to find out who tore me from my nanosuit.

Claire: Radio check? Radio check? Prophet, you there? Comms were down, EM pulse just knocked out the network. Rasch is AWOL. I must make him our highest priority but Michael has your brief. System X.

Prophet: Grab your men for a new battle. The ground rules have changed.

Claire: Head's up Prophet. CELL records tell me there's a Ceph mindcarrier near your location. With your sensitivity to the alien influence, you might want to swing wide.

Prophet: Negative, the Ceph have one collective intelligence. A hivemind and it's all dependent on the alpha. Now he's free, they're all waking up. These mindcarriers are part of that process. I need to get eye on.

Claire: A hivemind? But you have a lot of alien material in your DNA. I don't know if any of this is a good idea.

Cell 4: Break, break, this is tower 436. We're under heavy attack. Massive Ceph forces are heading in our direction.

Cell 5: Tower 436, this is ground unit Theta one, we are fortifying defenses.

Cell 4: Theta one, this is oversight. You have a large enemy force heading your way. I counted eight, correction 10 units!

Cell 6: Tower 436, we got some seriously tough fuckers to our front. Get some heavy ordinance on these bastards before they are right on top of us.

Cell 1: Tower defenses down by 60%, casual ties in the hundreds by now, what the fuck is going on?

Psycho: Prophet, checking in rendezvous. Fuck! Rendezvous is still a go, but it's fucking bedlam out here. Watch your six. This celp fucked me! I thought the bastards on Lingshan were tough. Come on!

Claire: My God, what the hell is he doing? He can interface with Ceph weaponry? Did you know about this Michael? How far gone is he?

Prophet: This System X, the alpha-ceph?

Rasch: Get out!

Prophet: No!

Prophet: Psycho? Psycho?

Psycho: I hear you. You need something?

Prophet: No, just checking in. ETA at rendezvous about 30 mikes.

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