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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 16 - Gods and Monsters

Check out part 16 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the Gods and Monsters mission.


Male: God damn it!

Male 2: Critical hit on the tower! All our defenses are down. Fall back! Fall back!

Cell 2: Tower Four Three Six, Theta Two. We can't hold this position! We're gonna be overrun any minute. Enemy presence is--fuck! They're...aaaaah!!

NAX: Distress signal activated for Sector Alpha Niner. All units fall back and assemble at towers Four One Nine and Four Two Six.

Claire: Prophet. Still no sign of Rasch. I'm getting reports of Ceph activity all over the dome. CELL are being annihilated! That's..,that's a spyro-xenus. A scorcher. I've only seen those in CELL's research files. Prophet, the comms network is nearly back online, but our field commanders are reporting revived Ceph everywhere. The dome perimeter hasn't been breached, but God. They're exterminating everything human. I need to find Rasch. I...I'm not trained for anything like this!

Prophet. Head's up. There's a disabled pinger close to your location With all this Ceph activity, it might become operable again You think you should steer clear?

Prophet: Maybe. But if it has a power source I might be able to make use of it.

Psycho: Prophet. You need to lower the bridge to access the walk way. I'll bring the lift down when you make it.

NAX: Bridge activated.

Psycho: All right, I'm bringing the lift cage down. There's still a way to go.

Prophet: You always gonna leave the fighting to me?

Psycho: Listen. There's not a single day goes by where I don't wish I was you. Even with all that god knows what hardware wetware Ceph mutation bullshit going on under that skin of yours. I'd take it.

Prophet: Come on.

Psycho: CELL had me locked down here for months. Never knew how far they were taking this shit. It would have been just a matter of time before they put me into one of these things. Because that's what the nanosuit is, right? A Ceph exoskeleton. Open it. You murdering CELL bastards. I'm gonna make you fucking pay! You bastards! Where the fuck are you?

Prophet: Psycho?

Psycho: If I could find the CELL bastard who did this, I'd fucking kill him. Come on. This is it. Claire, open the door.

Claire: Hold on...

Isaac: You all right?

Psycho: Yeah.

Claire: You in?

Psycho: Yeah...halfways. Calibrating sensor remotes...there's a slight delay. Compensating...we're in.

Claire: Locked.

Psycho: Have a seat, mate.

Claire: We have to be sure about this. Unlocking the suit means breaking the safety seals, re-routing the nanites. If he's infused with Ceph technology now...there's no telling what he'll become.

Psycho: You can handle this, right boss?

Prophet: Do it.

Claire: I'm accessing the memory retrieval systems.

Psycho: Filtering...

Rasch: There was always a risk. We triggered a fundamental change in your nature. But to defeat an enemy of such unrelenting technological ferocity, there was no other choice. We'd have to become them. We placed blockers on your dopamine receptors. Your mind would be protected. Without them, exposure to the hive mind would consume you.

Claire: Okay, let's pull him out. The dopamine blockers are cleared. I'm registering critical neurological changes. He should be able to make a clear link with the Ceph now.

Psycho: What's this?

Claire: Michael. You shouldn't. Don't...

Psycho: Why not?

Claire: It won't help...

Recording of Claire: ...separation. The nanosuit is then fully removed. Subject Eight-A, Sargeant Michael Sykes, is still functioning at near optimal levels. But accelerated degradation is to be expected.

Psycho: did this to me.

Claire: Michael, please listen to me. You're the reason why...I mean, I fight CELL because of you. Because...

Psycho: Is that why you cared? Or were you pretending to care? Because of this? Because of your own fucking guilt?

Claire: I didn't have a choice, Michael! The CELL program, we were in know how this works. I was forced to do all of those people. I had to listen to their screams, day after day after day. I know what I did. Jesus, believe me, I know. And I'll have to carry that with me as long as I live, every day of my life. Michael!

Psycho: And feeling bad makes it all right, does it? If you're so fucking sorry, Claire, how come I had to find out like this? Why didn't you just come clean? You lying, fuck...

Prophet: Psycho, listen to me. You know how it works and you know she didn't have a choice. She did what she had to do.

Psycho: No choice? Just doing what she's told? Just following orders? Who the fuck does that sound like, Prophet? I'll tell you one thing, though...she was right about you. You might as well be a fucking machine, because you sure as hell ain't no human being anymore. I mean you never were much good at it to begin with but Jesus Christ--look at you now! Whose face are you wearing under that helmet these days, Prophet? Do you even have a face anymore?

Prophet: We all had to make sacrifices.

Psycho: You had a choice, mate. Everyone has a choice.

Prophet: I told you everything you needed to know.

Psycho: Remember these? All the men who died under your command because you were just "following orders", because you had "no choice". Just like her.

Prophet: Psycho. I...

Psycho: No, ate. You take that suit of yours and you go and fight your own battles. Like always.

Claire: Michael! Wait.

Prophet: No, Claire. He's right. Let him go.

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