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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 2 - CELL Lab

Check out part 2 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat the CELL LAB mission.


Claire: Oh, god. We just got intel on Red Star Rising. Listen carefully. Archangel is a key regulator platform in CELL's new wireless energy grid. But that's not all it does. The system's massive power store can be discharged via a broad area directed energy weapon, meaning assured destruction of hostile elements, and metropolitan area depopulation events. Protocols exist for Archangel to be retasked for a number of alternate outcomes. When that outcome is the threat to Ceph Stage Three, Archangel begins the most aggressive protocol set available, Red Star Rising. Oh, god. They're going to obliterate New York. Total. Orbital. Annihilation.

Prophet: Why can't CELL stay out of my god damned way?

Claire: I need to get everyone out to the perimeter.

Prophet: You're wasting your time.

Claire: I have to save as many lives as I can.

Prophet: No. It won't matter. It's not going to be like Lingshan. Archangel has a massive global energy store. They feed all that power back into the Alpha Ceph and it'll punch one hell of a hole in the Earth. There'll be no Earth left.

Claire: So what can we do?

Prophet: Connect to a Ceph mindcarrier. If I can get inside their heads, maybe I can reverse the awakening, put them all back to sleep. If there's no Ceph threat, CELL will call off Archangel.

Claire: You're going to link yourself to the Ceph? Prophet, you struggled to resist their influence even when your mind was protected. We've turned those safeties off now, that means the nanites in your suit are free. That means they can transform into anything, any form imaginable. You could actually become a Ceph.

Prophet: That's a risk I'm willing to take.

Cell 1: You're never going to make it. They're going to nuke the whole city. You're all going to die.

Prophet: I see it now.

Ceph: Stage three. Stage three. Stage three.

Prophet: I... We are connected.

Claire: Prophet! Prophet? Are you there? Are you okay? They aren't attacking you. My god. They think you're Ceph.

Prophet: No. Not just Ceph. They think I'm the Alpha-Ceph. I am the Alpha-Ceph.

Claire: Prophet. Prophet! It's too dangerous. You're losing yourself to the Ceph. Prophet? Laurence!

Prophet: No! No. I'm okay. I'm alright. I'm alright. I feel the hivemind. It's so powerful. That's it! Their thoughts and the power, it's all the same thing. If I can only... Shit.

Claire: What's that?

Prophet: The real Alpha-Ceph.

Claire: Get out of there! Prophet!

Prophet: My suit powers aren't draining. I'm not taking damage. Ceph weapons are more powerful. It's over.

Claire: Prophet, we need to link up ASAP. The situation is out of control.

Prophet: It didn't work, but the Ceph hivemind is pure energy. If I let them in a little more, I can take that power for myself.

Claire: Prophet, come back to me and listen. I've got more details on Archangel. It's already in transfer orbit. It could be on us within the hour. We also know CELL's evacuated everywhere but a single facility, about five clicks from here. It must be a command point for the satellite. Get me inside and we can shut Archangel down together. Are you with me on this, soldier?

Prophet: Yes, ma'am.

Claire: Prophet, Claire. My unit... The Ceph disabled our APC. Can you... We need help, Prophet. I don't know what... I don't think this is a survivable situation.

Prophet: Hang in there. Five minutes, okay? Just five more minutes. Claire? Claire? God damn it.

Claire: Prophet? Do you read me? Prophet?

Prophet: I read you. Give me a sit-rep.

Claire: Prophet. Thank god. We're taking heavy losses. Romeo Two has set up a perimeter. But, Prophet, it's hopeless. There's no end to them. The Ceph just keep coming.

Rebel 1: New wave. From the north.

Rebel 2: It's hopeless. We're never getting out of here.

Rebel 1: Listen up. You will keep that negative horseshit off my airwaves or I will personally send you to fight the Ceph yourself as one man frontline. Do you understand me?

Claire: No, he's right. This is hopeless. Prophet, e-vac is a no go. We can't open a window wide enough to breach the Ceph lines. You should finish your mission. Stopping Archangel is our priority. You're just wasting time here. Good luck. I wish we'd got off to a better start. We would have made a great team.

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