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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 4 - Manhattan Underground

Check out part 4 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat mission 2, Manhattan Jungle.


Claire: Prophet, you need to see this.

Cell Scientist: Stage three is the final and most deadly element of the Ceph colonization strategy. If met with significant and persistent resistance, a Ceph incursion force will seek to open an Einstein-Rosen bridge direct to the heart of its parent galaxy. From there, Ceph over hives will deploy their dedicated warrior caste to obliterate any and all obstructions.

Claire: We've only seen a fraction of what the Ceph can do. This is an extinction level event. The alpha-ceph will keep powering that beam until their entire invasion force is through. We have to shut it...

Psycho: Claire? Claire? Claire? Claire? Prophet, what the hell is going on back there? Jesus fucking Chris, Claire! Hold on! Just hold on! Claire! Damn it prophet. She's not responding to comms. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stay with me Claire. Stay with me.

Prophet: Psycho?

Psycho: I'm so sorry Claire.

Claire: Sorry? Michael, you have nothing to be sorry about. No man could have done more. Forgive me?

Psycho: Of course I do.

Claire: Good. Then it's all right then. It's all right.

Psycho: Claire? Claire?

Prophet: Psycho? Psycho, I'm sorry but we don't have much time. We need to find another VTOL now. Psycho?

Psycho: Don't you fucking call me that!

Prophet: We have to shut that energy beam down Psycho, or everyone is going to die. Do you understand me?

Psycho: And what the fuck am I suppose to do about it? I'm Michael Sykes, I'm just a human Prophet. I couldn't even save one fucking life, not one!

Prophet: You selfish son of a bitch. Don't you get it yet? Rasch had me pinned back there, kept me locked down because of this damned suit. If you've been wearing the suit, we'd all be dead. You being human is what saved us. We're all human Psycho, and we all fought. Me, you, Nomad, Jester, all of us. We fought. Not a goddamned nano suits. Now it's just you and me that's left. We can make a difference. One last mission. Do you think she'd want you to quit now?

Rebel 3: This is Rebel Vulture four. We need immediate support. Pilot is down... we are under massive Ceph assault, can't hold out much!

Prophet: Psyc-- Michael? Just so we 're clear, this is going to be a slaughter.

Psycho: Too fucking right it is, and I'm going to be doing the slaughtering. Like you said boss, I don't need a suit, I don't need tech, just need bottle, right? You take out the artillery, I'll bring in the VTOL. Go on mate, it ain't end of the world yet. I'll see you on the other side.

Suit voice: Intercepting NAXSAMI encrypted info stream.

Nax: Five percent of estimated power apex. VELA III satellite has detected hawking radiation at a distance of 1.2 AU. Solar spread telemetrics indicate white hole formation.

Rebel 4: Prophet, this is Venom command. We picked up the comms signature, thought we could maybe help each other out. Ceph resistance is... ah fuck. Look around, it's a shit show.

Prophet: Venom command, I'll keep it simple. I'm taking down those Ceph AAAs. Any assistance is welcome. Otherwise, stay out of my way.

Rebel 4: Roger that Prophet.

Psycho: Prophet, Vulture four is secure. I've put her on a free holding pattern. Just give me the word and I'll bring her in.

Prophet: Good, that hive mind-energy connection. If I could hook into what's powering this artillery, I can control it. I've... connected! Artillery is disabled, bring her in.

Psycho: Roger that Prophet, I'm on route. Stand by for some serious destruction. She's down!

Prophet: Roger that. Moving to the next AAA.

Psycho: Copy that, we'll hold position. Just give me that word. Okay, that woke them up. Dropship inbound.

NAX: Stage three, Liberty beam now at 13% of estimated power apex. White hole is now extent within our solar system and is considered non-spontaneous. Gravitational microlensing indicates a current horizon of less than 10 micrometers.

Rebel 4: All units, Rebel Vulture Niner is down. We are going to cook unless we get some backup. Uploading co-ordinates to anyone in the vicinity.

Rebel 1: Prophet, this is Romeo India Six, ICV. Hear you're in the area, we're in a big pile of shit here. Any support from you will be welcome.

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