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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 5 - Manhattan Train Ride

Check out part 5 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat Mission 2, Manhattan Jungle.


NAX: Xenoceph presence aggregating in Sector Five Seven. All Cell units conform to protocol Eighteen Zulu Six. Columbus Circle is Surface Zero. Be advised, all targets at Surface Zero are now tagged as priority threats.

Prophet: Cell units? Nax you don't have a clue. Michael, come on now! Artillery is disabled.

Psycho: Hold it steady Prophet, I'm coming in. Triple-A is down. Moving to holding position.

Prophet: Great work Michael. Moving to the next target.

Psycho: Heads up, Ceph are reinforcing.

NAX: Stage three, Liberty Beam now at 28% of estimated power apex. White hole horizon is now measuring at least 18 kilometers. Umbilicus predicted to form imminently.

Rebel 4: Prophet, Venom Command. We got you covered. Take out the next triple-A. All units, priority asset requires fore support, engage as necessary, over.

Rebel 6: Mortar team under heavy assault. We need backup now or this resources is gone!

Prophet: I'm in. One last time, come on Micheal, blow this thing already!

Psycho: All right, just hold it steady. We're nearly there. Boom! She's down. I think we've punched a hole straight through the Ceph defenses. WE got a window open all the way to the beam. Now just clear the LZ, I'm going to put this VTOL down. Yes! That's for Lingshan. That's for Aztec, even if he was a bell end. This is what you yanks call a turkey shoot!

Prophet: What do you call it?

Psycho: Payback! Remember Jester? Yeah? Fuck you! Okay, I'm putting her down on the roof, I'll keep the engines hot for a fast gateway. Jump in the gunner seat. Come on!

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