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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 6 - The Root of All Evil

Check out part 6 of our walkthrough for Crysis 3, the new first person shooter title by Crytek, and learn how to harness the nanusuit to beat The Root of ALL Evil Mission


Psycho: No rush mate, you just take your time. Strap in tight. Had something on my tail for a while now. Might get a bit... hello lads. Okay, I'm going to swing in between the buildings. Slow them down a little.

Prophet: That usually work?

Psycho: No idea. Fuck!

Prophet: Keep him off our tail, evasive maneuvers.

Psycho: Don't give me that. My great granddad flew Defiants over London. You got him. Drop the fucker! Bang on! Take that bastard down. Get him. You got him. Wow! Wanker! Dogfighting's in the blood. He's down. Watch this. Nail it! Kill it! There, take the shot. Great shooting.

Shoot him! Take it down! Nice work! That's how you do it! Kill him, light him up! Go on! He's a goner, come on! Yeah, burn you fucker. Got him. That's it, we're done. Never in the field of human conflict have so many ugly squids been utterly fucking splattered by so few. I've got warning lights going off all over the dash. What's it like back there?

Prophet: Multiple fires, pretty beat up, no way she's going to make it.

Psycho: Okay, can't risk a ground landing. I'll squeeze out what I can. Let's see if we can make the Luce-Haddon building. Should have a good view of the beam from there. Sound like a plan?

Prophet: Let's do it.

Psycho: Almost there! Come on! Come on! I think we... made it. Shit.

Prophet: Get working on the engines. I'll hold them off.

Psycho: Oh yessir mister bossy boots.

Prophet: You done yet?

Psycho: Yeah, I was just keeping quiet about it seeing as you were having such a good time. No, of course I haven't fixed it yet, twat. Prophet, get in!

Prophet: You seen that before? What the hell is it?

Psycho: Fuck knows., let's just kill it.

Prophet: Argh! Argh! Great plan!

Psycho: It worked last time.

Prophet: Michael? Where the hell are you?

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