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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Chapter 1 [No Commentary]

Check out the walkthrough for The Prolouge and Chapter 1 in Part 1 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Isaac: Well, we've got air, and dust.

Man 1: Any sign of Ellie?

Isaac: No, looks like I'm the first person through here in a long time. I'll try to open the cargo doors, hang on.

Ellie: It's getting hard to breath. How much longer?

Man 1: We're working as fast as we can.

Ellie: Mark's really pale. I can't stop the bleeding.

Man 1: Shit. Take Isaac, okay, meet me at the door. I can let you in from this side. Right there, now get in here and give me a hand.

Man 1: Isaac, Ellie's SOS is coming from deeper inside this ship, but I can't leave Rosen and Locke.

Isaac: Send me the coordinates, I'll go check it out.

Man 1: Here you go. Hey, don't stray too far. That's an order.

Isaac: It's a dead end. Looks like someone shut a bulkhead for quarantine.

Man 1: Can we cut through it?

Isaac: No, it's too thick. But it might cycle open if I can power it up. That did it, and there's a bench on the same circuit.

Man 1: Bench?

Isaac: With all the parts lying around here I bet I can make a better weapon than this one.

Man 1: That's a smart thinking.

Isaac: Son of a... hey guys, we're in trouble!

Man 1: What is it? What's going on?

Isaac: I just got jumped by what's left of the crew.

Man 1: What? No one could survive out here that long.

Isaac: They didn't survived, they got turned into those things.

Man 1: What do we do?

Isaac: You keep your weapon ready, and you stay the hell away from the ventilation ducts. If they get close, shoot for the limbs, you got that? I said: You got that?

Man 1: Yeah, yeah, okay! They're coming out of the woodwork! Fire! Fire! Isaac, where the hell are you?

Isaac: Almost to the crossover tube.

Woman 1: They just keep coming!

Man 2: Sir, we're running low on ammo!

Man 1: Make a barricade! Just keep them out a little longer.

Isaac: Norton, are you there?

Norton: Yeah, yeah, I'm here. I think that's holding them for now.

Isaac: Good! The SOS is coming from directly above me, and it looks like I've found the ship's primary generator. If I can get power going, it should unlock the crossover for you.

Norton: All right, what about you?

Isaac: There's no elevator here that goes straight up the spire. I'll meet you at Ellie's coordinates.

Norton: Hey, we have power. The crossover just opened up.

Isaac: You're welcome.

Norton: Rosen, Locke, stay put. Isaac, Carver, we'll rendezvous at the spire.

Isaac: Got it.

Ellie: Oh God, you found us.

Carver: Ellie, baby. I knew you were too stubborn to die.

Austin: Captain, is this him?

Carver: Yeah, it's him.

Austin: Isaac Clarke, great to meet you. Austin Buckell, Marker Ops. This here is Jennifer Santos, our little lady with the big brain.

Jennifer: If it's true you can decipher the Marker script, this mission misht still have a chance.

Ellie: Isaac, thank you for coming.

Isaac: Like I had a choice.

Ellie: I know, I'm sorry. But I have so much to tell you.

Carver: All right, come on, we have to get out of here now!

Ellie: No, not yet. Isaac, we need to stop the Marker. The trail ends at the Admiral's quarter, she's written Marker Scrawl all over the walls. The answers are in there, I know it! We cannot leave until we know what it says.

Carver: Yeah, well, then let Isaac handle the translating. We're leaving now. I got Buckell, you get Santos. Let's go.

Isaac: Go on, take care of your crew. They need you more than I do.

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